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Flash Video Player

Flash Player

In order to broadcast over the Internet, you need a player. The DaCast player is a very powerful, interactive system and is included as part of the DaCast live streaming service. Although many other companies charge a licensing fee for a player, DaCast has integrated it for free, making this online video service solution both more convenient and less expensive.

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Free RTMP Video Player for Online Flash Video Streaming - DaCast

Flash Stream

Fully Integrated

The DaCast Flash player is a fully integrated application. It includes the video with an area for additional channel information and chat functionality. The ability to change between bitrates, change the volume and go to full screen are all features built directly into the player for viewers to utilize.

HD Quality Streams

Video done through the DaCast player can be outputted in high definition quality, presenting a sharp, fluid picture. Content can be streamed live up to 5 Mbs. H.264 and VP6 streaming is supported to provide a great quality stream even at lower bitrates through the codecs. The system is built for a multi bitrate approach, allowing HD quality content to be streamed while lower bitrates can be provided for those with slower connections.

Live Chat While Streaming

The Flash video player includes support for live chat while broadcasting. Viewers can watch video and audio streaming content and click to open a pane on the right to begin chatting with others. The utility adds an engaging way for viewers to watch and respond to content with peers, creating a social element for a feed.

Live chat is an optional feature and can be disabled or enabled to any stream type, including live streams and VOD streaming.

Pay-in-Play Flash Streaming Service

Integrated into the player, Pay-in-Play is a complete checkout solution for pay-per-view and subscription content. Monetize your live stream and previously recorded content and let viewers purchase without even leaving the player. The system requires a valid e-mail the first time a user pays and credit card information, but becomes more streamlined for returning viewers.

Subscription viewers will be given a login prompt built into the player after their first payment, and can enter in their unique login details to access the content within the window they paid for.

Flash Skin

Customizable Player Skin

The DaCast player is a fully customizable media hub. Features, such as channel information, can be dropped or added. The player can appear barebones, with just the video window and the bottom pane, or fully featured.

The player also has a customizable skin, letting the broadcaster alter the color and overall feel. This utility is built into the channel manager and is easily done through a simplified color wheel and the ability to select different tones. A custom logo can also be added to appear in the channel menus. The size of the player can also be changed by altering the embed code before placing it on a website.

Compatible Services and Devices

The propriety flash video player from DaCast is compatible with 99.9% of internet browsers. This includes most mobile browsers, such as Skyfire which allows all embedded video to play on even iOS devices without having to use the frame code. Some of these, such as Google Chrome, have Flash enabled out of the box without having to download any additional content. Others require installing plugins if the viewer has never watched Flash content before. 64 bit browsers, such as some select versions of Internet Explorer, require Flash Player 11 or higher. Below is a list of some of the more common browsers supported:

Dacast Devices
  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Skyfire
  • NetFront
  • SeaMonkey
  • Maxthon
  • Camino

DaCast content can also be watched over all Android based mobile devices. Supported streams can also be viewed over iOS devices, transcoding or using MP4 supported files. In addition, content can be viewed over internet connected video game consoles as well, such as the Nintendo Wii with the Opera browser.

White Label Service

The DaCast Flash player is a non-intrusive media solution. When no activity is detected, the controls are hidden to give just the view of the video. Beyond the customizable look, DaCast is also not mentioned inside the regular video utility. This allows broadcasters to build their own brand and feel secure in using the service on their own websites.

The Pay-in-Play feature, while integrated into the player, is not fully white label. Broadcasters using pay-per-view and subscription monetization will have to DaCast logo appear during the credit card process. This is due to the fact that DaCast appears during the billing statement as the payment system is included.