Audio Streaming Service Supporting MP3, M4A and AAC Formats

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MP3, M4A, AAC Supported

MP3 AAC streaming audio radio

DaCast supports a number of audio formats in order to stream radio, audio, music and other services. These are available for listeners in both on demand and playlist channel presentations. The system supports MP3, M4A and AAC out of the box, while additional audio files can be transcoded through our cloud service to be streamed out. Using specific formats and methods, on demand audio can also be streamed out over iOS devices.

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Audio Streaming Service Supporting MP3, M4A and AAC Formats

On Demand and Playlist Scheduler

For previously recorded audio content, DaCast presents two solutions. The first is a VOD streaming approach where audio content from supported file types can be accessed at the listener’s convenience and broadcast through the player with added features such as live chat while streaming.


The most well-known file format in the world, MP3 is a format using lossy data compression to present audio and is fully useable over DaCast. The format was first introduced in 1991, and improved in 1995 with additional bitrates being supported. It has long been surpassed by other audio formats in terms of performance, but remains the standard for audio files and audio streaming.


M4A, also commonly referred to as MP4, is an evolution of the MP3 format. It can be audio or, in the case of MP4, audiovisual content which marks the greatest different between it and the MP3 format. Regardless of content type, over DaCast both M4A and MP4 are supported.


Short for Advanced Audio Coding, AAC is a lossy audio encoding method supported through the DaCast platform. It was designed to replace MP3, and has many improvements over it. This includes a greater sample frequency range and support for up to 48 audio channels, versus the peak of 5.1 through MP3. Beyond the additional channel support, the system also has a more flexible joint stereo approach and is better at dealing with frequencies sampled at over 16 kHz.

iOS Streaming


Unsupported audio types can still be used on the DaCast platform, requiring an extra step to transcode the files into a workable format. This step is optional when uploading unsupported files, a service available on DaCast through a partnership with; however, transcoding does have a small charge based on the size of the files being transcoded. The actual fee related to this will be quoted before the process starts.

Streaming Audio on Demand over iOS

Purse audio streams, such as radio shows or songs, can be broadcast over iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices through a set of guidelines. This includes using the “frame” embedding audio code on the webpage the stream is presented on and that the audio is formatted for AAC as its file container.

If your file type is not AAC, then transcoding the file after uploading, regardless of its original format, will allow it to meet iOS standards and play over those devices.