List of 100 Top Video Streaming Services for 2014

Posted by Anthony Romero >

Looking for a list of the top video streaming services for 2014? For the year, Streaming Media Magazine has compiled a list of the top companies and products in the online streaming service industry. This includes encoder makers, broadcasting services and more. For the second year in a row, DaCast has been given the award as […]

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DaCast’s Video Hosting API is Fully Integrated for Live and VOD

Posted by Suprita Kochar >

At DaCast we take pride in our video hosting API. DaCast’s API is designed to provide our broadcasters absolute control over their content. With DaCast’s API, broadcasters can control streaming video hosting on their websites and social platforms better. API is Application Programming Interface that specifies a software component in respect of it’s operations. DaCast’s video […]

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DaCast Helps to Monetize Content for Online Videos

Posted by DaCast News >

DaCast has been recommended by Income Sensor for providing the simplest way to monetize content for online videos. By using DaCast, it is very easy to start making money by having viewers pay for the content right in the player. One can monetize their content so easily that they can start getting paid for it right […]

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