Partnerships for a Better Online Video Streaming Service

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Video Streaming Service Partners

The DaCast online video service provides an optimal self-service environment for broadcasters to stream content and monetize video out of the box without the need for additional sign up. To make this possible, DaCast has partnered with other companies to enhance to experience for users and viewers alike.

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Partnerships for a Better Online Video Streaming Service



Akamai - DaCast is a NetAlliance partner with Akamai, often regarded as one of the best CDNs (Content Delievery Networks) available. They power Facebook and many other services. Through this partnership they offer incredibly reliable streaming to DaCast and its broadcasters.


EdgeCast - One of the leading Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) providing high quality, high speed, reliable bandwidth for DaCast and its customers.

S Philip

SPhilip - Custom consulting and integration work. Expertise in Joomla, Zend Frameworks, PHP/MYSQL, XHTML/CSS/Javascript/AJAX, Python, and related development environments.

Creation Forge

Creation Forge - Provides webhosting, web development, web graphics and specialized consulting to assist in the creation of powerful websites. Also develops intranet and extranet tools as well as eCommerce services.


Digitrad - Unified Communications for individuals and businesses.

Encoding – The world’s largest video encoding service which handles transcoding of unsupported video file formats into the most popular types to play over the service.

Vincent Abry – A leading source of information on the web 2.0 and tech market that provides reporting in both French and English.

Come See TV – A leading video streaming hub for content produced in the Caribbean. ComeSeeTv is the exclusive DaCast partner in the Caribbean Region.

French TV

Lafrench TV – Based in San Francisco, La French TV is a cultural web TV channel promoting open-mindedness via inspiring videos to its multicultural audiences.

managemyadvertising –Provides SEO website reviews and audits, Google Adwords / SEM campaign management, Google Analytics training, website and landing page optimization, training, campaign tracking support and other customer acquisition consulting services.

symphonylab – Provides custom and stock music for video projects and soundtracks.

About the DaCast Live Streaming Service and its Partners

DaCast is a fully integrated streaming platform, utilizing its partnerships to offer broadcasters a complete package right after sign up. This includes deals with ad networks and content delivery networks, letting broadcasters focus on their content plus get up and streaming as soon as possible with a secure hosting service.

The system has a wide range of additional, built in features as well including subscription and pay per view monetization options. These monetization aspects of the service are handled by a patented pay-in-play system that is included inside the DaCast Flash video streaming player.

On top of being a live streaming service, DaCast also specializes in providing a complete platform for video on demand. Furthermore, the service offers file support for several formats, including FLV, MOV and MP4. For file formats that aren’t supported, a partnership allows additional files to be encoded and uploaded to the service and hosted through the DaCast media player.

For more information on DaCast and its streaming services, please read the site’s frequently asked questions.