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Video Monetization: How to Develop a Successful Mobile Video Strategy

video monetization

In today’s world of mobile content streaming, monetization of OTT video content is more relevant than ever before. In recent years, mobile streaming solutions have drastically changed how we consume video. And today, this trend has no visible end in sight. In fact, we’ve seen a 100+% year-over-year increase among people watching videos daily via […]

Closed Captioning Video for Education: Why it’s Needed

closed captioning video for education

When it comes to industry news related to streaming solutions, we like to keep our readers up to speed. In recent years, regulations have increased in internet activity and media. One aspect of this shift relates to closed captioning video for education. If you are an educational institute doing streaming video hosting, recent lawsuits have […]

How Video APIs Will Make Your (Business) Life Better

Are you familiar with APIs? More specifically, are you familiar with Video APIs? Brands that include video in their business-plans for marketing will grow 49% faster than the ones that do not. This is why you need video APIs and why Dacast held this Webinar on it. With the participation of our two API evangelists, […]