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Best Encoding Software Settings for Streaming Live Video

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As live streaming becomes more and more popular, broadcasting live video in good quality becomes more important. One recent survey shows that 62 percent of viewers are likely to view a brand more negatively if they publish a poor quality video. Maximizing the quality of video streams requires using the correct encoding software settings. This blog will […]

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3 Best Live Streaming Services for Live Video Marketing

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Live streaming services are becoming essential in many  industries but also in the marketing strategy of every businesses. More and more users are watching video content online. In 2016, 81 percent of internet users viewed more live content than they did in 2015. Businesses are adapting to this change by adopting live streaming more heavily. […]

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Choosing Between Live Streaming Software

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Live Streaming Software If you’re diving into the world of live streaming for the first time, you’re eventually going to have to decide what software to use. Choosing between live streaming software can be a challenge. There are a lot of  different options available, with a confusing array of features and pricing structures. This article […]

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