Best Paid Alternatives to YouTube for Businesses

Best Paid Alternatives to YouTube for Businesses

YouTube is a magical wonderland full of entertaining content, but how effective is the platform for businesses or individuals who need to target potential customers with their videos? Putting videos up on YouTube can certainly help marketing efforts, but you need complete control of your content. Losing the rights to your content or having your video content stolen can be detrimental to your business.

Most will want to rely on a platform that can support viewer analytics, help market your brand or product, and be secure and reliable. This is where paying for a video hosting platform is crucial. With DaCast, you get tons of features that aren’t offered with a free platform like YouTube. Let’s start by discussing the features DaCast can offer for your video content that YouTube simply does not. Then, we’ll compare DaCast to several other paid alternatives to YouTube that businesses can use.

Content Copyright

One of the benefits of paying for a service would be the control of when, where, and how your video is published. When you upload a video to YouTube, you surrender most of your hold on it to them. YouTube can choose to redistribute, republish, and even monetize your content now. With DaCast, you don’t lose any licensing rights and you keep total control of all aspects of your video.

Pay Per View – Earn Money From Your Videos

Speaking of controlling all the aspects of your video, monetization is an important feature any business. DaCast implements a paywall feature built into its player, allowing the purchaser to pay without having to navigate to a different page. This model enables users to set up pay per views and subscriptions to be purchased in order to generate revenue from content. If you want to start making money with YouTube, you have to apply to become a “partner.” To become a partner, you have to have a minimum amount of subscribers, videos, and video views to start making money.

On YouTube, you can rent the latest movie or your favorite TV show, but broadcasters are unable to make money using a pay per view model. Most people make money on YouTube through advertising. The amount of viewer engagement on your ad determines how much money you can make. Some say it’s about $1 for a thousand views, while others say $5 for a thousand views. Certainly everyone likes to get paid through advertising, but it’s not applicable for the majority of broadcasters. With DaCast’s PPV option, all you need are viewers who are willing to commit to watch your content.

Referrer Restrictions

Referrers are used to prevent pirates from taking the embed code of the content you are trying to publish. With so much money at stake due to pirating, referrers add an extra level of reassurance and security. As long as you have referrer restrictions turned on when broadcasting with DaCast, pirates or others will be unable to take the embed codes of your content and pass it off as their own.

White Label

Don’t you hate when you’re watching a YouTube video and you have to sit through an ad? YouTube can choose to put any advertisement they want on your video, even your competitor’s ad! That could spell doom if you’re trying to build your brand. DaCast’s platform is available as a white label service, meaning that DaCast won’t advertise or put their logo on your videos. You have the freedom to add a watermark or company label of your own to your content.

Safeguard Against Downloaders

With DaCast, your video won’t be listed on a public portal like it would with YouTube. Videos in a public portal have less security and are more susceptible to being downloaded and distributed by other people without your permission. YouTube scraping is a software technique that is designed to search through YouTube videos and download all the information from them. People can then download your videos and share them with other websites to try to make money off of them.


Now that we have discussed the reasons why you’d pay for a streaming service as opposed to using a free service, let’s compare DaCast’s platform to some other paid services in the industry. We will compare DaCast, Wistia, and Dailymotion Cloud in price and features for each package they offer.

Features Comparison:

Features:DaCastWistiaDailymotion Cloud
No Contracts RequiredYesYesYes
White LabelYes(certain plans)Yes
Customer SupportYesYesYes
Live StreamingYesNoYes
Secure DeliveryYesYesYes
Pay as you GoYesYesYes
Cloud StorageYesYesYes
Customized MarketingNoYesNo
Domain RestrictionsYesYesYes
Social Media Sharing OptionsYesYesYes


YouTube is great for making ordinary people “Internet famous” and for marketing content, but if you want to control the publication of your video or plan to use it beyond marketing, a professional video platform would be the best solution.Whether your intention is selling video content or hosting it on your own website to establish a more professional look, it’s better to use a third party service. Spending the money on a video platform will pay off in dividends almost immediately.

You worked hard to put together a video that will represent you and your brand. Don’t lose any control over the rights to that video to YouTube. With DaCast’s competitive price tag and comprehensive features, you can control all aspects of your video, brand it to your needs and monetize your content in the blink of an eye!

By Nick Small