Corporate and Business Video Hosting and Streaming

Corporate and Business Video Hosting and Streaming

Looking for corporate and business video hosting and streaming? Broadcasting presents an interesting tool for companies to use. Corporations can create live and on demand video content to market and educate vested parties.

The corporate environment must quickly adapt. It needs to be increasingly efficient and find improved ways to conduct and run a business. Speed and “richness” of communication is critical.

One solution for this rapidly changing environment is to stream video content live. This allows quick delivery with wide accessibility to all parties with a vested interest. It can include a marketing department interacting with customers and prospects. Another use is a sales group communicating with worldwide partners. Addresses can go all the way to the top too. For example, a CEO can convey important messages to shareholders, customers or employees.

The Face of Corporate Streaming Today

Corporate and Business Video Hosting and StreamingMany of the major corporations are already employing this as a tactic. Trade show streaming is fairly common already. In fact, this has given birth to the “virtual trade show” name. Apple has really perfected this from their Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC. Millions tune in live for the keynote streaming part of the conference.

Companies are going beyond this now, though. Nintendo has developed their own showcase called “Nintendo Direct”. This program is live streamed to shareholders and other interested parties. It offers an engaging health check on the company and is used to debut upcoming products.

Live streaming these personal addresses have several advantages:

1. They make the customer base feel more engaged
2. Offer a unique opportunity for press pick up the way a press release would not
3. Give a more involved demonstration of points or products

This content can then live on. Through video hosting, these previously live streamed content can then be viewed at leisure. Allowing content a chance to go viral or viewed later for press and reports.

The viewing landscape has also been changing. Small, 320×240 video were once the norm. Starting in 2010, as noted by streaming guru Jan Ozer, 640×480 resolution videos became the dominate enterprise format. The quality and size has been increasing ever since. Streaming is no longer an unattractive video option. Interested parties can view in full HD. This lets you address your audience professionally and give the best impression of your services.

Corporate and Business Video Hosting Uses

  • Broadcast a message to shareholders
  • Stream important communications to customers and prospects at marketing events
  • Conduct training seminars to get employees engaged and involved
  • Stream notifications directly to a particular segment of employees
  • Allow a source to stream tradeshows or other events to staff to keep them informed
  • Create a means for department or company heads to more directly address employees
  • Store content for later, on demand use for those unable to attend an event or see it live
  • Create libraries of prerecorded content for training, marketing and sales or other uses

By Anthony Romero.