Low Latency Streaming Solutions: Choosing a Platform to Live Stream Without Delay [2022 Update]

Low Latency Streaming Without Delay

According to this report, most of us spend over 100 minutes each day watching video content of different genres. That adds up to a considerable amount of time. But have you ever wondered which videos stand out? The videos that hook viewers from the start and maintain their interest throughout. One crucial aspect that makes […]

Top 10 Video Hosting Sites in 2022

Top 10 Video Hosting Sites in 2022

Online video content has a whopping 92% audience reach around the globe. That includes everything from music videos to tutorials to marketing content. Part of the reason we’re so attracted to video content is because of its story-telling element. Historically, storytelling has been our preferred means of communication. It’s always been a binding force for […]

What Is H.264 Streaming Encoder?

h.264 Encoding Format

Streaming has transformed the way we consume information, in line with rapidly transcending technological advancements. It is now possible to use video content to effortlessly attract multiple audiences, a convenient and easily accessible method for reaching users via the formats they prefer consuming. Regardless of your intentions or the industry you operate within, video is […]

How To Stream Live From an Apple iPhone in 6 Easy Steps

Streaming From iPhone

Apple iPhones continue to have some of the best cameras on the smartphone market, making them a solid portable live streaming device. From 2007 to early 2018, over 2.2 billion iPhones have been sold, with millions more sold each year. The iPhone is a revolutionary tool for communication and creativity, which is why it is […]

Comparing the Top 15 Cloud Video Streaming Platforms – What You Need to Know [2022 Update]

Cloud video streaming is ideal for most modern marketers that need a straightforward and scalable professional video hosting infrastructure. With the support of a cloud streaming platform, brands can focus on putting out good video content without dealing with a lot of technical challenges. In this post, we’ll look into cloud video streaming and provide […]

What is Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

What is Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

Streaming has become a popular convention across multiple platforms. It’s a great way to present visual information that educates, informs, and entertains. Streaming has emerged as a fantastic online medium because it’s scalable and users can capitalise on the increased network bandwidth they have access to. Live streaming is more commonplace than ever before, where […]

Pay-Per-View Video Streaming: What It Is and How It Works [2022 Update]

Pay Per View Video Hosting

Have you ever needed to access the internet in a cafe or restaurant? It could be an urgent message, location information, or an email you’ve been waiting on. What usually happens when you walk into a cafe and ask them for their WiFi password? They ask you to first purchase something from their menu before […]

How to Set Up an RTMP Encoder for Live Video Streaming [Updated for 2022]

rtmp encoder

For many B2C broadcasters, just about any software encoder will suffice. However, as a professional broadcaster, it’s important to consider updating to an encoder that supports RTMP streaming. RTMP stands for “real-time messaging protocol” and is a standard that makes high -quality live streaming possible. In this article, we’re going to get into the technical […]

How to Set Up a Live Streaming Website in 11 Simple Steps [2022 Update]

website live streaming

Live-streaming has found its place in the business world, and it’s serving a multitude of purposes. Some businesses offer paid streaming solutions for events, and others use website streaming as a way to build online communities to support their brands. It’s become common for businesses to offer live streaming over their website, especially if they’re […]