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Christ’s Commission Fellowship Case Study


Using Dacast, Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) provides live and on-demand broadcasting worldwide. They are able to offer this directly from their website. Live video streaming content is broadcast to 85 different countries using the CDN approach of Dacast. This allows them to offer high-quality video to viewers regardless of their location. The improved performance has […]

Success Story: GoggleOutlet & Live Product Broadcasts


Dacast assists in providing Live and Video on Demand streaming used in their product marketing efforts. GoggleOutlet sells premium ski and snowboard goggles, along with other sports equipment. This case study highlights how GoggleOutlet used Dacast’s affordable and flexible platform to provide both live and video-on-demand streaming opportunities. They tried alternative video streaming services […]

Success Story: How Studeo Group Has Revolutionized Marketing with Immersive Streaming

Studeo Immersiv Video

Studeo Group is a creative agency in Italy that specializes in interactive brand and product content. Their mission is to embrace technological evolution and to experiment with new communication models. The agency’s core business is the creation of experiential spaces and multimedia exhibits geared towards sensory and emotional involvement. This agency was founded in 2015 […]

Success Story: How Cast Has Powered Healthcare Webinars & Virtual Events Through the Pandemic

Cast Technology Consulting for Health Industry

Cast is an information and technology company based in Lisbon, Portugal. This company was founded in 1991 with the main purpose of developing customized software solutions for healthcare organizations, including hospitals and clinics. The company is relatively small, but its 30 years of business have left a notable impact on the local healthcare industry. Cast […]

Success Story: How Floodin PRO Changed the Tourism Industry with Video Editing & Hosting

FloodinPro Video Hosting

Multiple Tourism operators sell custom videos and photos to their guests as a souvenir helping tourists remember their experience for years to come. In the past, these tourism operators sold DVDs and USBS, but that approach is no longer valid with the growth of online video. Floodin PRO is an automated video production app that […]

Case Study: How BigTrends Delivers High-Quality On-Demand Education Videos


  BigTrends is an online publishing company that specializes in providing investors with real-time trading options and investment education. Over the past 15 years, BigTrends founder and CEO Price Headley has become a regular fixture in financial news media. Among others, these media outlets include CNBC, Bloomberg Television, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. […]

Success Story: How yoopod Launched Its Business with Online Video


yoopod brings award-winning exercise classes to your screen via online video. Training young and old, rookies and veterans, desk-bound and vagabonds, across the globe, the team makes pilates and yoga classes accessible to everyone via online courses. yoopod: From Concept to Success Story with Online Video Video is yoopod’s core product. Since its launch in […]

Success Story: How Motoraty Use Video to Provide Millions of Car Buyers Expert Advice

motoraty case study

Wondering what car you should buy? From where? And how much is reasonable to pay? Motoraty compiles credible, easy-to-understand information from consumers and car experts to help people make informed car-buying decisions. Founded in 2013, the company has provided over 3 million car buyers with invaluable pricing information, reviews, comparison tools, and unbiased editorial content. […]

Success Story: How Quondos Built the First SEO eLearning Platform for Spanish Marketers

Quondos Case Study

Quondos is the first and largest Spanish-language eLearning platform dedicated exclusively to SEO and online marketing tips. The company began when Carlos Bravo and Alex Navarro ( decided to compete to see who could create the most profitable online project within a one-year period. eLearning with Quondos: From Concept to Success Story Founder Alex Navarro […]

Success Story: How Callahan & Associates Are Using Video to Respond to Changing Market Needs

Callahan associates Case Study

Callahan & Associates have been providing cutting-edge insight and leadership to credit union industry decision-makers for over 25 years. As such, they believe that co-operation is key for credit unions to be more responsive to the market and member needs. In fact, C&A aims to provide insight into the trends and innovative practices that can […]