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DaCast releases a monthly and sometimes weekly newsletter for broadcasters. The email is sent to DaCast users and newsletter subscribers. The newsletter has information on best practices for on demand and live video streaming. If you aren’t already receiving the newsletter, please take a few seconds to subscribe.


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Archived Newsletters

DaCast used to release a newsletter once per month. In January of 2015 we shifted to a more frequent format with less information per newsletter. The older, monthly emails are archived below.


December 2014 Edition

The final newsletter of the year, the December 2014 newsletter for the DaCast live streaming services announces a new feature, the addition of auto file transcoding. Additionally, DaCast is still running its best and most popular promo for a few more weeks, which gives an extra month free on the annual. A shout out is also given for embedding live video content on Facebook and why you should be doing it. Finally, we also highlight 1545 Media who is using the unlimited channels to provide top of the line streaming to several high profile clients.


November 2014 Edition

DaCast releases a new way to embed live video stream players. Using a new share code, broadcasters can take their streams straight to Twitter so viewers can watch from the social network. In addition, DaCast is offering the return of our best and most popular promo. Until the end of the year, purchase an annual plan and get an extra month free! Plus read on to learn everything there is to know about broadcasting sports in the field from a license rights perspective.


October 2014 Edition

The october newsletter for the streaming as a service platform unleashes a new embed live video stream player. Ultra thin in performance, the player is 20 times faster in loading. It comes complete with new features as well, improving package performance. DaCast is also celebrating an award and a nomination this month. The company was chosen as one of the top 100 companies in the industry. DaCast was also nominated for the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice awards.


September 2014 Edition

For September, we unveil a new video uploader with improved speed. Plus we cover the success of PCTV in bringing community television online and successfully monetizing it. Finally, we go over how to get started doing live sports broadcasting with ways to earn additional revenue for your efforts as well.


August 2014 Edition

DaCast shows off a new ultra thin embed live video stream and on demand player in beta. Details below on how to sign up to take advantage of the faster, more robust embedded player. Plus details on the success story of furLifeLiving, the first live reality show staring pets. Finally we spotlight the best ways to monetize your video content in today’s market.


July 2014 Edition

Double storage, double fun. In the July 2014 newsletter DaCast covers a double storage offer. It also highlights HD streaming and video embedding, the latter through a video demonstration of the benefits. This includes embedding on a website or Facebook page.


June 2014 Edition

Meet the new DaCast. For the June 2014 newsletter DaCast shows off its new site and its new pricing. This is a more mobile friendly version of the site. Plus a new video showcasing video analytics for broadcasting and video on demand.


May 2014 Edition

For the month of June, DaCast is giving a special offer of 10% more bandwidth for Annual plans. Plus the next volume in our video series, tackling Pay Per View, and a look at how SMSA Coptic Orthodox Church cut their costs by 80% through switching to DaCast.


April 2014 Edition

A special offer for 13 months of DaCast services for 12! Valid all through May. Plus, details on our upcoming video series, with the first volume out now. It also gives a shout out to our white papers which detail the growth for the small and medium size market.


March 2014 Edition

An Amazon offer for the month for broadcasters who upgrade, giving a full month of service in the form of Amazon gift cards. Also, tips and tricks for successful sports broadcasting and highlighting the success of VideoHUB in generating massive amounts of Pay Per View revenue.


February 2014 Edition

Updated and expanded analytics have been added to all accounts. Also, special coverage of how school’s are transforming education with video streaming and celebrating the success of the CDFL with their live streams


January 2014 Edition

Just released, DaCast adds closed captions as one of the features available to video on demand content. Also, our new support site continues to build while we seek out more new clients to highlight and tout our ongoing best bandwidth offer.


December 2013 Edition

DaCast is improving its Analytics offering to broadcasters, with more tools and more customization. Plus, a new referral winter bonus with even more bandwidth, a new support resource for DaCast users. It is also highlighting the success of the World Players of Handball.


November 2013 Edition

DaCast has officially launched its HTML5 services out of beta for mobile delivery to iOS, Android and more. In addition, a special offer with a brand new Wirecast 5 giveaway. The newsletter is celebrating Christ’s Commission Fellowship’s success with DaCast too.


October 2013 Edition

DaCast has been nominated for the Streaming Media Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards in two categories. Find out how to show your support for DaCast, while also enjoying a special bandwidth offer and learning more about Earth Web Media and Shaman World through a case study on their Pay Per View application.


September 2013 Edition

DaCast has released an improved version of our HTML5 paywall. Also, just in time for the upcoming IBC, we also have special offers through a collaboration with Streamstar for their revolutionary Webcast Touch and an extended gift card offer for Jan Ozer’s book Producing Streaming Video for Multiple Screen Delivery.


August 2013 Edition

New offers for better streaming over DaCast’s HTML5 services, including a discount for Telestream’s Wirecast and a gift card for Jan Ozer’s Producing Streaming Video for Multiple Screen Delivery. Also includes a call for potential future case studies.


July 2013 Edition

Introducing the public beta release of DaCast’s HTML5 services for mobile devices, including support for Pay Per View over HTML5. Also highlights DaCast partner ComeSeeTv and a special offer for Teradek’s VidiU encoder.


June 2013 Edition

Coming soon, a DaCast HTML5 Video Paywall solution compatible with mobile devices such as iPhones. In addition, a bonus July offer for Annual Plus plans and a highlight of the partner account Evangelized Network.


May 2013 Edition

DaCast is moving to a public beta of our HTML5 services for mobile delivery! In addition, the site is running a referral program for summer for more bandwidth and a case study on Hemingway school.


April 2013 Edition

DaCast at NAB, That VidBlaster Guy!, special VidBlaster discount offer and more details on the upcoming mobile delivery for devices in our April newsletter in full Spring mode.


March 2013 Edition

Details the beta program for the HTML5 streaming from DaCast for mobile delivery to iOS based devices and more. Includes a highlight of the TV-Polmusic broadcaster who features content worldwide.


February 2013 Edition

Special, limited time offer for the multi-camera capable Wirecast encoder. Also includes a GB offer for community participation. It highlights the Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center as well.


January 2013 Edition

2013 sees a new version of the DaCast platform, shown off here. Covers basic features and details for the platform, coming in a few days. Also highlights the success of Television Mobile Resources.


December 2012 Edition

A new year, and a new DaCast. We highlight a great customer, selling video content, while we also give an exclusive, early sneak peak of what the new DaCast coming in 2013 looks like.


November 2012 Edition

For the holidays, DaCast is introducing a referral program for bandwidth and accounts signed up in December. Also, DaCast has updated storage tracking and highlights the film Dear Lina.


October 2012 Edition

DaCast recently redid our main website, providing a cleaner look with a new login interface.Updates will continue to the backend, adding new features and improving how you manage video content!


September 2012 Edition

DaCast now accepts broadcasters to sell content through Euros. DaCast has enabled multi-bitrates for VOD, along with celebrating another success story from the Oregon Children’s Choral Festival and special offer from Telestream.


August 2012 Edition

To celebrate our new player, DaCast is unleashing a brand new newsletter as well. Read up the new player, another success story with Mishka Productions’ live event programming and more in the relaunch of our newsletter.


July 2012 Edition

Its midsummer and DaCast is teaming up with Telestream to offer a special, limited time discount on their popular Wirestream encoder. Click for more details on the offer. The success of Cowhead TV, a video radio broadcaster over DaCast, is also given the spotlight this month. Mention of the new public APIs, that are now available for all users, and our weekly tutorials are covered as well.