March 2013


New Beta: HTML5 Services

Details the beta program for the HTML5 streaming from DaCast for mobile delivery to iOS based devices and more. Includes a highlight of the TV-Polmusic broadcaster who features content worldwide.



Beta – HTML5 and Mobile Services



Starting Monday, March 18th, DaCast will be conducting a limited HTML5 beta that includes mobile support. 

On Monday, please submit a ticket through your account to be eligible. Spaces are limited and prioritized based on account level and history.

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Beta – Fast Facts



Not all features will be available for the HTML5 beta. Support for Live and On Demand Streaming are included.

Features such as monetization will not be available over mobile. Check the community for more details.

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Success Story – TV-Polmusic


TV-Polmusic offers musical content to a worldwide audience, taking full advantage of the DaCast content delivery network connection.

With an audience in 55 different countries, TV-Polmusic relies on DaCast for secure, global streaming.

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Monthly Webinar – Getting Started

DaCast Webinars

Every other Tuesday, DaCast conducts live tutorials where you can interact with our staff and learn the basics.

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Community – Support Resources

Video Streaming Support

Want to stay up to date on our beta and developments? Check out our topic on the community.

The community is a perfect place for beta feedback, while we will be messaging updates to the beta as time goes on.

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