DaCast Pay-in-Play Launches to Stream Live Pay Per View

DaCast Pay-in-Play Launches to Stream Live Pay Per View

Introducing a new Flash based technology that doubles the conversion rate of pay per view

SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2011 – DaCast, the first fully integrated, self-service platform for live streaming and pay per view monetization, today announced the integration of the DaCast Pay-in-Play, a unique payment system that is embedded directly into the DaCast video and audio player to stream live pay per view.

“DaCast has created a revolutionary payment system for broadcasters”, said Stephane Roulland, CEO of DaCast. “We know the hurdles that self-publishing media providers face in getting sales for pay per view content through an online video service. The process needs to be as quick and easy as possible. Because DaCast is committed to our users and their needs, we responded by developing our own unique payment system, the DaCast Pay-in-Play.”

Stream Live Pay Per ViewThe DaCast Pay-in-Play offers viewers an intuitive and simple way to pay for premium content. Broadcasters can now have viewers purchase media securely from inside the player with a credit card.

Using Pay-in-Play is easy, taking less than a minute’s time and without the need to leave the original website or even the player. Media content owners can set up the feature in just two clicks and have it enabled in real time.

The convenience for viewers is unique and has dramatically increased payment conversion rates by 233%, based on a month long live testing from our pool of beta testers.

After recently launching a new version of the platform, the DaCast Pay-in-Play is yet another addition to making the self-service platform a game changer. Since its debut, the service has attracted a growing number of individuals and corporations who are using the service to stream and monetize a wide range of content. With the debut of the DaCast Pay-in-Play service, the platform now expands its ease of use in creating a service where content creators can make money off their own work.

“What you and your team are putting together is going to turn the Internet broadcasting world on its axis,” said Kent Grabau, President and CEO of Three Pines Productions, LLC, who broadcasts events from around the US. “DaCast is providing what professional Internet broadcasters and hobbyist streamers have needed all along. A simple to use, affordable solution that can pay for itself and be used on all platforms.”

The DaCast Pay-in-Play system is available now to DaCast users. Broadcasters already using DaCast’s rich monetization features will see the new Pay-in-Play already integrated into their pay per view streams.

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DaCast is headquartered in San Francisco, California with a European office in Paris, France. The management and technical teams have extensive streaming experience, and specialize in delivering an easy to use monetization platform for live streaming. For additional information, please visit www.dacast.com.

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