Quality Live Streaming You Can Count On, Directly to China.

With a population of 1.4 billion people, China offers some massive opportunities for your business. Dacast lets you deliver high-quality broadcasts with a stable connection to mainland China, sharing live content directly with a Chinese audience.

Secure Your Digital Rights

When you distribute videos on demand to your network, it is essential to protect your digital rights. With Digital Rights Management (DRM), well-established technology is protecting your content against unauthorized distribution and access.

Enjoy Direct Access to 
an Exclusive Audience

With Dacast’s China live streaming feature, access an exclusive audience of 1.4 billion people in real time. Dacast’s infrastructure is set up inside mainland China, allowing for direct live access to a Chinese audience. No firewalls or security checks for your content; it is delivered directly to your viewers in China.

Put Security Screening in Your 
Rearview Mirror

Your content has to make its way through China’s robust firewall and undergo security screening, which can decrease the quality of your live streams or result in blocked content.Our infrastructure is located directly inside mainland China, allowing us to deliver your content instantly to your Chinese viewers.

Say Goodbye to Interrupted and Blocked Streams

Say goodbye to interrupted streams, blocked streams, poor streaming quality, and excessive buffering.With our China live streaming feature, send your content directly through our infrastructure in mainland China. The quality of your content will be protected, and your viewers will get to enjoy high-quality streams.

No More Worries About
 ICP License Issues

You need an ICP license and a local point of presence (PoP) to live stream to China independently. Dacast cuts through all those technical issues for you.We have our ICP license and established local access points in mainland China. Enable the China live stream option, we take care of the rest.

Enjoy Free Flowing Content

Stop worrying about bottlenecks. Bottlenecking occurs when live streams try to make their way through China’s firewall and undergo security screening. If the content doesn’t meet China’s standards, it gets blocked.With Dacast, your content will flow directly through Dacast’s infrastructure, providing your Chinese audience with the same quality stream as the rest of your viewers.

No Hassle Access to China. Try a 14-Day Free Trial Today & Connect with Your Chinese Audience.

No Hassle Access to China. Try a 14-Day Free Trial Today & Connect with Your Chinese Audience.
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Events. Business. E-Learning. 
Share everything with your Chinese viewers.

Putting on a concert? Hosting a special speaker? Putting on a great production? Hosting a graduation ceremony?With our China live streaming service, all of your viewers will enjoy a quality broadcast where they are focused on your presentation. No more lost customers due to poor video quality.

Share Sporting Moments with a Chinese Audience

Sports are an international language, and with Dacast’s China live streaming feature, share sporting moments with a global audience. Everyone who wants to take part in the sporting event now can.

Enhance Your Corporate Culture by Connecting With Chinese Stakeholders

Do you have an office in China? Do you have Chinese stakeholders or Chinese business partners? With Dacast’s China live streaming option, enhance your corporate culture by sharing live events directly with your Chinese partners and employees.

Expand Educational Opportunities to China

If you offer distance learning opportunities, don’t miss out on the chance to connect with one of the biggest audiences in the world. With our Chinese live streaming option, you live stream educational content directly to China, with no buffering or security concerns.

Why Should You Use Dacast’s China Live Streaming service?

  • Access 1.4 billion Audience with Live Content
  • No Chinese Security Concerns
  • High-Quality Livestreams
  • Infrastructure in Mainland China

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does direct access to China improve the quality of the live stream?
Dacast has infrastructure directly in mainland China. Your content is sent through our infrastructure, directly to your viewers in China. It doesn’t have to go through China’s firewall, which can significantly decrease the quality of your content. When you use Dacast, your content will not buffer or drop; your viewers will enjoy a consistent and high-quality broadcast.
Do I need to pay for an ICP license?
No, you don’t need to pay for an ICP license. Dacast has an ICP license. You don’t have to worry about anything other than creating great content for your viewers.
Will my content be censored?
No, your content will not be censored. It will not go through China’s firewall or security screening. It will be delivered as-is through Dacast’s infrastructure to your Chinese viewers.

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