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Getting “cannot publish the stream” message in Wirecast

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If you are getting the following message:

“Cannot publish the stream. Verify the stream name and if you have provided any credentials/tokens”

It means that you have not entered the login and password inside the encoder, or entered it incorrectly. To enter the login details inside Wirecast, you need to go to OUTPUT and then OUTPUT SETTINGS and click the “SET CREDENTIALS…” button. This will allow you to enter the login and password for your live channel, which will be a series of numbers.

If you need the login details, these are found by clicking on the live channel and going to ENCODER SETUP. They are found in the final panel here, seen below circled in red.

If you already did this step and are still getting the error, try manually typing the numbers out just in case it might be a copy and paste issue where it’s bringing in extra characters.

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