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JW Player Shortcut Module

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This module allows you to easily use the JW Player instead of the default DaCast player through a simple shortcut that can be added to the JS embed code (found under PUBLISH SETTINGS).

To enable this, you just have to add the attribute player=”jw” to the embed code as follows:


<script src=”//” id=”55554_c_73330″ player=”jw” jwurl=”//” width=”800″ height=”500″ class=”dacast-video”></script>

Please also note the “jwurl=”//”” portion. You need to replace LICENSEHERE with your actual license from JW.

As before, you can change the width and the height parameters in the embed code.

This is for a general, stock version of JW Player. To use a custom version, please read the token and JW Player APIs.

If you want to test the player live before publishing, please use this service.

Please note, using the JWPlayer Custom version requires a license for commercial use. Please see the JW Player site for more details.


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