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Mobile Live Streaming App: How do I stream using NanoStream?

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This will guide you through streaming from an Iphone or Ipad. 

This guide require three things:

1. an Iphone or Ipad
2. The NanoStream app (Free demo available for a limited period of time)
3. A DaCast account

Note: There is an Android version of the NanoStream app as well. However, presently it does not work with Dacast. 

Initial NanoStream Setup

Your first step is to download the NanoStream app on the device you want to use.
After installing it, launch the app.
You will arrive to a log in page that will give you the possibility to create a new account.

The creation of a new account requires your name, an email and a password. After the registration you will just have to use these credentials to log in and use the app.

The image below is a preview of what NanoStream looks like (screenshot from an Ipad mini): 

On the right hand side you have five icons:

  1. The first is the ability to mute
  2. The second controls flash
  3. The third one is to start streaming
  4. The third is to change the camera (i.e. use the front or back camera)
  5. The final icon is a two gears icon as seen on the right 

Please click on this icon.
This will launch a setup screen as seen below.

Please note the different sections: 

  1. Camera to choose your source
  2. Video to plan a local recording of your stream 
  3. Advanced settings to set up the quality of your stream 
  4. Server connection to connect your stream with your DaCast channel 
  5. Overlay 
  6. Information on the Nanostream app 

First let’s connect your stream with your DaCast channel (SERVER CONNECTION section).
It’s now time to sign into your DaCast account in order to fill out these fields.

Your Channel: DaCast Account

Now you need to get the necessary information from your DaCast live channel. If you haven’t already, create a live channel in your account.

Now navigate to ENCODER SETUP. This is a three step process, and note that the bitrate and resolution entered in the first step will be ignored in this instance. 

In terms of an encoder, select “Other RTMP Encoder”. Once you have fully filled it out it will look like this:


Needed DaCast Channel Information

The NanoStream app will requires the following:

  • The Stream URL 
  • The Stream Name 
  • Username & Password 

These information are found on this page, in the step 3 as shown below: 

Please copy paste these information in NanoStream. 

Image suivante 

Now that you have connected your stream to your DaCast channel, let’s focus on the settings of your stream. 
This is the ADVANCED SETTINGS section. 

Streaming with NanoStream

Final step to get up and live streaming. Before the fun begins you will want to configure the bitrate that you stream at.

By default it’s set to broadcast at 500Kbit/s which is fine. Most people set ut the quality between 350Kbit/s to 750Kbit/s.
To best evaluate what you can stream at, go to on the device you plan to stream with and do an upload speed test. Aim for a bitrate that is half or lower of your upload speed. For example, if your upload speed is 800kbps, stream at 400kbps. You will need to factor in other elements like distance from your router and if its a shared network too. Plan to do some tests to see the results, if you get freezing in the feed it means the bitrate is too high.

The resolution is set up to 480p by default which is perfect as well although another typically ideal one is 720p.

You have also the possibility to set up the crop mode, the keyframe distance, the stream type and the H264 profile. Unless you want to custom the settings, the defaults settings are ideal. 

Once you are happy with all of your settings, please click the DONE button in the top right of your screen. 
You can start streaming by clicking on the red button.

That’s it, you are now streaming live video from your smartphone or tablet!

Please note that the maximum length of a stream using the NanoStream free demo is 5 minutes. For a longer stream, feel free to contact their sales team to get a quote according to your needs. 


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