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Walkthrough: Channel Package

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How do Channel Packages Work? 

Packages allow for a variety of content to be placed into a single player. The added content can be removed, updated or added to at any time, giving broadcasters a tool to constantly update and add value to viewers. After being created, the content is accessed either within the player from the content selector shown in the image below, or from the filmstrip icon next to the volume settings in the player control bar.  

This will guide you through the process of creating a new package (with VOD and/or Live channels)

  1. Login to your DaCast account at
  2. Click on the PACKAGES icon on the left side of the New Back Office

Then, you can click on the blue cross or on the CREATE orange button.
The following window will pop-up so you can name your package.

Once your package has been created, it will appear in your packages list.

When you click on your package, you have access to Description, Publish Settings, Setup, Monetization and Analytics.
Please note that the first four sections work exactly the same for both Live Channels and VOD. 

The Setup section is the one where you can choose which VOD and/or Live Channels will be included within your package.

To add VOD, click on the VOD button and just drag and drop the videos you want in the right column.
You can do the same with Live Channels.

Please note that you can either drag and drop the video, or click on the blue cross on the right of your video title.

You have the ability to choose the order of the videos inside your package by clicking on the video and move it to another rank.

Please click on SAVE once you’re happy with your new package.

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