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Walkthrough: Filezilla with DaCast

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To upload files that are larger than 2GB we recommend to use an FTP uploader such as Filezilla. Go to, download and install their free software. Once it’s done, please follow these steps.

Step 1. Be sure your file is in mp4 or mpeg-4 format with H.264 Video codec and AAC Audio codec. If not you can go on and convert it, or follow these steps for multi-bitrate and convert the master file after uploading. 

Step 2. Open Filezilla

Step 3. In the Host field, copy/past the following; “

Step 4. Enter your DaCast username/login. You’ll find it in your DaCast account under: upload files>FTP uploader>LOGIN

Step 5. Enter your DaCast password.

Step 6. Click Quickconnect (no need to give information in the “Port” field)

/! Sometimes the FTP uploader won’t recognize your DaCast password, in that case reset your password from your DaCast account: My Account > Personal Profile and use that new password.

Step 7. Choose the video file you want to upload from the FTP. On the left side of the FTP you’ll see “Filename”. From that section, browse and select the video file (double click on it).

It will look like that on Windows: 

And like this on Mac: 


Step 8. The file should now appear on the Video On Demand (VOD) section of your account.

/! Your file might says ‘Off’, switch it to ‘On’ by clicking on your file and switching the ‘Online option’ from ‘Off’ to ‘On’.

Now you’re done, congrats! 

If you need help to upload via FTP on the new Back Office, please follow this tutorial.



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