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Wirecast Multi-bitrates Documentation [Version 4]

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Please note: HTML5 streams require version 5.0.3 of Wirecast.

This guide is intended for detailing how to setup a Multi-bitrate stream through older versions of Wirecast, as this is different from just opening an XML file. If you have version 5 of Wirecast, please reference this guide.

First, on your DaCast account, enter in the values for all of the bitrates you plan to use under the ENCODER SETUP stage. Change the stream source from Wirecast to “Other RTMP encoder”. Afterwards, click .

Now go to the third step, found on the far right as seen below for the needed information:

The red highlighted part is what you will need for Wirecast. Now launch Wirecast. Go to Broadcast>Broadcast Settings, or simply click Ctrly+Y. This should launch a window which looks like the field below.

The areas highlighted in red are where you are going to need to enter in the Stream URL (into Address) and Stream name (into Stream) from your DaCast page which was pictured above. Also make sure the “User Agent” drop down is selected as “FMLE/3.0”.

After this is all done, click the symbol, located next to the minus symbol. This will create a new field where you have to enter in the next bitrate. You will have to do this for every bitrate that you want to have. This might seem daunting, but the fields should autofill and the only value that will have to be changed is the stream name which will be something like XXXX_1 then followed by 2, 3 and others up to 5 depending on how many bitrates you have setup. Alternatively, just copy and paste the stream name into the field if this seems easier. Also, please make sure you click the symbol after each entry to create a new log. When done, click SAVE. Your multi-bitrate broadcast is now set and ready to be broadcast.

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