Analytics – Revenue – How to read the graphs (Legacy App)

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For an overall tutorial of the new analytics, read this article.

The revenue analytics section will give you access to your sales volume and revenue by time, and your sales volume by country.

  1. Sales by time
  2. Revenue by time
  3. Sales by country


Please note that the Data is displayed starting from the date of the first use of the new paywall.

Option 1 – Analyse one specific content: Select 1 content with the selector of contents and click save.

Option 2 –  Get an overview of all your contents: do not select any content, and click refresh.


1. Sales by time

Gives you the number of sales by time

2. Revenue by time

Gives you the amount of sales by time in the purchased currency


3. Sales by country

Gives you the number of sales by country in a specific period of time

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