Niagara Documentation

DaCast is completely compatible with flash supporting encoders, including ViewCast’s Niagara line. First, after logging into your DaCast account and creating a Live Channel, select “Other RTMP Encoder” as your acquisition method. Now login to your Niagara Streaming System and go to the Output tab of your Flash encoding profile. Under “Stream Address” put the […]

AkamaiHD encoder setup guidelines

 Setting Up the Video Encoder Application Following is some setup guidelines shared by Akamai in order to help you if you are still encountering issues while streaming after following to the word our encoder setup walkthrough or need to have more informations on the setup you desire. In This Chapter: A) Prerequisites B) Supported Codecs C) […]

Teradek Cube Documentation

The DaCast service is compatible with almost any RTMP-enabled encoder, including the Teradek Cube. This document will help you to get you up and running with your Teradek Cube. *Note that Teradek Cube can only stream to a single destination at a time. This tutorial assumes that you have already connected the device to a camera correctly […]