Discover Video Documentation

If you are looking to broadcast live footage along with PowerPoint and other desktop applications from your computer over DaCast, the Discover Video encoder offers a quick solution. To get started, first install the Discover Video encoder to your computer. The software can be purchased here: Once the program is started, you should see […]

Does Dacast support Flash?

RTMP (Flash) stream delivery is being discontinued by Verizon Digital Media Services, our current CDN partner for flash live channels. Since May 1st, 2017, it is no longer possible to create or stream on a flash live channel. To replace your flash channel, you have the possibility to create an unlimited number of html5 live […]

Why am I getting motion blur in Wirecast?

If you are getting a pixilation smudging, or motion blur that looks similar to compression artifacting, it can be the result of your Wirecast encoder. Versions of the software before 5.0.3 have known issues broadcasting over the Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network). If you are using 5.0.1, or a version of 4.X, it can cause playback […]

Wirecast Documentation [Version 6]

(CREATED FROM WIRECAST 6.0.5) There are 2 methods to connect your DaCast stream to your Wirecast encoder. We recommend you to use the method #1. METHOD #1 (recommended): USING THE MANUAL CONFIGURATION   In your DaCast account Click on your channel and go to the ENCODER SETUP. Click on Telestream Wirecast. Take note of the STREAM […]

How to stream live video with Wirecast 7

  First, it’s important to know that there are 2 possible methods to connect your Dacast stream to your Wirecast encoder. At Dacast, we recommend that you use method #1, but we include instructions for both methods below. Note that it is possible to do multi destinations streaming with Wirecast which means that you can stream on […]

Wirecast Multi-bitrates Documentation

Please note: the most complex part of Wirecast multi-bitrate live streaming is to first set up your encoder. You will use Dacast to retrieve some information, and then our adaptative player will automatically detect your encoder multi-bitrate settings. This tool allows you to provide the best quality stream to your viewers based upon their individual […]