Niagara Documentation

DaCast is completely compatible with flash supporting encoders, including ViewCast’s Niagara line. First, after logging into your DaCast account and creating a Live Channel, select “Other RTMP Encoder” as your acquisition method. Now login to your Niagara Streaming System and go to the Output tab of your Flash encoding profile. Under “Stream Address” put the […]

Wirecast Multi-bitrates Documentation

Please note: the most complex part of Wirecast multi-bitrate live streaming is to first set up your encoder. You will use DaCast to retrieve some information, and then our adaptative player will automatically detects your encoder multi-bitrate settings. This tool allows you to provide the best quality stream to your viewers based upon their individual connections. In […]

Does DaCast work with Avercaster Duo?

Yes, DaCast works with Avercaster Duo. We have had broadcasters use this and the Live Gamer Portable over our service to distribute video content. Please note: there used to be a problem with aspect ratios (16×9 would display as 4×3 with the image compacted) and DaCast over these services. This was since fixed via a firmware update […]

Walkthrough: Encoder Setup Guide

While setting up your live channel is easy, the encoder setup page is admittedly the most challenging step. Setting Up an Encoder for Your Live Channel: First, a note that this guide focuses solely on the Encoder Setup step. We break this guide into three steps, to mimic its presentation on the site: 1. Auto-Select […]

DirectX9 compatible hardware required in vMix

Graphics Hardware Compatibility Issues: When using the vMix encoder, do you see the following screen appear? Specifically, do you see a message that says that “DirectX9 compatible hardware” is required? Full Error Message: See below for the text of the error message that appears on the screen above: “Graphics hardware not supported. DirectX9 compatible hardware […]

Why am I getting motion blur in Wirecast?

If you are getting a pixilation smudging, or motion blur that looks similar to compression artifacting, it can be the result of your Wirecast encoder. Versions of the software before 5.0.3 have known issues broadcasting over the Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network). If you are using 5.0.1, or a version of 4.X, it can cause playback […]