TriCaster Documentation

Note: This documentation uses an older version of the TriCaster hardware. For more updated information, please reference this offsite guide. Why Use TriCaster? DaCast is completely compatible with flash-supporting encoders, including the NewTek TriCaster. Getting set up to record over a TriCaster is easy! You just need to set the acquisition method to “Professional Encoder” […]

DirectX9 compatible hardware required in vMix

Graphics Hardware Compatibility Issues: When using the vMix encoder, do you see the following screen appear? Specifically, do you see a message that says that “DirectX9 compatible hardware” is required? Full Error Message: See below for the text of the error message that appears on the screen above: “Graphics hardware not supported. DirectX9 compatible hardware […]

Why am I getting motion blur in Wirecast?

If you are getting a pixilation smudging, or motion blur that looks similar to compression artifacting, it can be the result of your Wirecast encoder. Versions of the software before 5.0.3 have known issues broadcasting over the Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network). If you are using 5.0.1, or a version of 4.X, it can cause playback […]

Wirecast Documentation [Version 6]

(CREATED FROM WIRECAST 6.0.5) There are 2 methods to connect your DaCast stream to your Wirecast encoder. We recommend you to use the method #1. METHOD #1 (recommended): USING THE MANUAL CONFIGURATION   In your DaCast account Click on your channel and go to the ENCODER SETUP. Click on Telestream Wirecast. Take note of the STREAM […]