Are there commissions with Pay Per View and Subscriptions? (Legacy App)

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Yes, you will pay small commissions for paywall transactions over your Dacast account. Dacast takes percentage commissions for each transfer done over our platform. This commission is 9.9%, plus $0.40 on each viewer purchase. Feel free to contact your account manager with further questions about this process.

These commissions do already include PayPal, bank transfer, and other fees for processing payments. In other words, you won’t incur additional costs by selling contact over our paywall.

Note: The above refers to the process of selling content through the paywall. You may incur fees from your individual payout request depending on your method and circumstance. Local banks may charge fees for receiving wire transfers, for example. Likewise, PayPal may charge a fee for sending payment, depending on the kind of Paypal account you have.

Please refer to the PayPal fees and commissions page for more current details, here:

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