How can I embed a video on my website? (Legacy App)

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How to embed a video file:

If you have already uploaded video files, and you’re now looking to embed a video on your website, this process is relatively straight-forward.

First, within your Dacast account, click on the blue name for the video file you want to embed:

embed a video

Next, go to the PUBLISH SETTINGS tab for that content.

In the lower-left, you should see a series of embed codes as pictured below:

embed a video

There are two types of embed codes available: JS (Javascript) and iframe. We recommend using the JS embed code, as it’s more universally compatible with the full-screen feature and is also a requirement in order for the URL referral restriction feature to work (which restricts content based on the websites allowed to host it).

That said, the iframe embed code is more compatible and required for some frameworks like WordPress and WIX.

Once you have selected your embed code type, the last step is inserting it into your website. This is going to differ a lot, but assuming you have access to edit at the HTML level it will look something like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<script id=”177_f_89314″ width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”//” class=”dacast-video”>



You can change the width and the height parameters as well, which are highlighted in red above.

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