Full screen option not working with embed code? (Legacy App)

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To use the full-screen option with your embed code, we recommend using the JS embed code. If you prefer to use the iframe code instead, please see below a way to use full-screen option with it.

The first step is to look at your source code to see if you can locate any iframe code directly above the Dacast embed code. Here is an example of this issue:

JS embed code

If you have this kind of code structure, the solution is to allow the “parent” iframe to go full screen in order to get Dacast player going into full-screen view. You can make this change by adding the following content to the code:

JS embed code

Using the above example, here is a version that will work with the full-screen option:

Js embed code

4 thoughts on “Full screen option not working with embed code? (Legacy App)

    • Elise Furon says:

      Hi Patrick,
      Please make sure you have embedded the proper iframe code. If you are on a wordpress website, click on “text” mode and just copy paste the iframe. It should work in full screen.
      If you have more issues, you can send more details to our 24/7 support team so we can check more deeply.

  1. Chris says:

    I’ve attempted to use both the iFrame and JS embed codes on my site and am unable to fullscreen videos on iOS browsers such as Chrome and Safari. Fullscreen works as expected on desktops but not on mobile tablet browsers. Also, is there a way to make the JS embed responsive instead of fixed size? Help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Harmonie Duhamel says:

      Hi Chris, I hope you are well. I asked my colleagues from support to help you with this. Feel free to contact me at any time if you have further questions. Have a great day!

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