How do I stream over Facebook? (Legacy App)

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To stream over Facebook, you have 3 options.

Option 1: Use the Dacast social share code

To get this, you should already have a live stream set up or a VOD uploaded.

Second, select that particular live stream or on demand file. Next, go to stream over Facebook and look for the Facebook share code here. Copy this code:

stream over Facebook

Now go to Facebook and start to make a post, either on a friend’s wall, your own wall or on a brand page. Now paste that Facebook share code into the post and the title and splashscreen of your video content should appear. You can add a message to this if you want. When added, viewer can click a play icon in your post and launch the stream or the video in a new tab.

Option 2: Multi-Destination Streaming

This option allows you to launch a stream directly in your Facebook feed. It is based on the muli destination streaming technique that can be directly set up in your encoder.
You can access a detailed tutorial here.

Option 3: Dacast & Switchboard Live partnership

If you have a paying account with Switchboard Live, you can set up a live stream simultaneously to Dacast and Facebook in just a few clicks. You can access a detailed tutorial here.

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