How do I stream using Flash Media Live Encoder FMLE (legacy app)

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Are you looking for a free encoder? If so, please note that we recommend OBS Studio rather than Adobe FMLE, as it’s a more reliable software. However, we do still support both encoders. Adobe FMLE can be a good solution if you intend to do multi-bitrate streaming. For that reason, we’re offering this Adobe FMLE-focused streaming guide.

(Note/Ojo: For the Spanish version / Para la versión en español.)

How to Stream with Adobe FMLE:

This is a quick-start guide for live streaming. We’ve broken it down into a 17-step process. This guide should ensure you have everything ready to go before you try to start streaming. (Please note that you might experience difficulties trying to follow this guide on Mobile Devices.)


1) Create a live stream by clicking on the camera icon or + Create New.

stream with FMLE



2) Choose a name and click on HTML5 for the Channel type.


3) Once you save these settings, click on Encoder Setup.


4) Publishing Point: Our system auto-detects and optimizes the selection of the publishing point based on the location of your stream.

5) Multi-bitrates setting: Our player is adaptive and automatically detects your encoder multi-bitrate settings. This allows you to provide the best quality stream to your viewers based upon their connections.


6) Next, click on Next Step.


7) Now, click on Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE).

Sidebar: Install Adobe FMLE


8) If you don’t have Adobe FMLE yet, download the software here.

9) First, install the software, and then open it.

How to Stream with Adobe FMLE (cont.):


10) Now return to the DaCast backend. Go to the encoder set-up section of your channel (see step 3).

11) Take note of the Stream URL, the Stream name, as well as the Login and Password (2 series of 6 digits).

12) Now return to the encoder (FMLE).

13) Enter the Stream URL in the “FMS URL” field: rtmp://

14) Enter the Stream Name in the ‘Stream’ field (see screenshot below): dclive_1_150@195055


stream with FMLE

15) FOR MULTI-BITRATE STREAMS: Do you plan to do multi-bitrate streaming? If so, you need to replace “150” with “%i” in the stream name of your live channel.
For example: dclive_1_150@XXXXXX => dclive_1_%i@XXXXXX

16) At this point, click on Connect. Enter the login (username) and password you wrote down earlier (see step 11).

17) Before launching the stream, make sure you have a Keyframe frequency of 2 seconds (and nothing else) when clicking on the format settings. You should select the following settings (see screenshot below):

stream with FMLE

18) Finally, click on Start. You are now ready and able to stream!

Want to preview your stream? Return to the DaCast backend and click on Preview.

Note that it can take up to 50 seconds to come up online for “All devices” channels. Be patient, and your stream preview should load within a minute or so.

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