How secure are viewer payments?

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If your are looking for how to set up your payment settings in the new BackOffice, follow this link.

If you want to check your received payments in the new Back Office, follow this link.

Data transmitted is done with full SSL encryption. This encryption creates a series of checks and techniques to make sure the data is securely transmitted. The process, which is done in seconds, goes through a series of steps with unique encryption to ensure details are preserved. 

In the first step, the browser requests that the DaCast server identifies itself. The DaCast server then relays the browser a copy of its SSL certificate. The browser then checks the validity of the certificate, and sends a message back to DaCast when it’s accepted. The DaCast server then begins an SSL encrypted session and finally important data, such as payment details like credit card data, is shared securely between the browser and DaCast.

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