How to set up my payment settings with the new Back Office? (Legacy App)

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This will guide you through setting up your payment preference

  1. Login to your Dacast account at
  2. Click on the PREFERENCES icon on the left side of the New Back Office
  3. Select “Payment Settings”

You should be able to see this page afterward:

DaCast payment settings

By default, “Enable Credit Card Purchases” is ON and “Enable PayPal Purchases” is OFF.

  1. To enable PayPal Purchases, select “On”.
    Make sure to agree to PayPal’s Terms and Agreement.

DaCast payment settings

  1. If you are looking into using your own Terms of Service, you can upload one on this page:                               DaCast payment settings
  2. Mention the name you want to appear in your viewer’s bank account reports



Please click SAVE once your payment settings have been entered.

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