Is there a built-in chat for the Dacast player? (Legacy App)

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Dacast discontinued the built-in chat feature so that we can instead deliver to a wider range of mobile devices.

Alternative Chat Options:

chat for the DaCast playerIf you are looking for a chat client to feature alongside the player, Dacast recommends the following:


Very easy to set up and embed, this platform also offers administration features (remove unwanted chatters) and is simple to customize.

Like a lot of chats, you can have user-based “avatar” images to represent you as well. In addition, you can have a live counter for how many people are in on chat at any given time.

Enabled for fast sign up through social accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook.,

The only downside is that it features a lot of/obvious ChatWing branding.


chat for the DaCast playerCbox

A clean and modern interface.

Cbox doesn’t have the bells and whistles that the others do but is very easy to integrate into any website with minimal customization.

One of their differentiates is the ability to pop out the chat into its own window, which might be useful depending on your video application, while the service has very little branding.

Like others, the chat has a way to boot out spam and unwanted posters as well.


chat for the DaCast playerChatango

Not a lot of options, but a clean if a little older looking interface.

The chat also features audio settings that can be turned on or off, so noises can be made to notify of a new post (although this might interfere with your audio-visual content).

The embed is light on branding and puts more focus on your own site in bold if needed.

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