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What is the offline error message?

Whenever a live stream or a VOD is offline or is having an issue, you will see an offline error message on top of your video content.
To learn more about the reasons why you receive an offline error message, check out the following articles:
– for live channels
– for VODs

By default, the offline error message is positioned on top of the player and says “Sorry, this video content is offline”


What are the benefits of customizing the offline error message?

A new DaCast customization feature allows you to customize the offline error message:
– Brand it with your own colors
– Customize the text of the offline error message for your viewers
– Choose the location of the error message within the player to make sure your video content remains visible

How can I customize the offline error message? 

1) Go to preference > player customization

2) Create a new player theme

3) Select the error layout of your choice
This is the position of the error message within the player. It can be on top of your video content, in the middle of the screen or at the top of the screen (please see screenshot below).

4) Type the offline message of your choice

5) Select the font and colour of your error message

6) Select the colour background of your error message

Below is a screenshot of what you should have by default in your DaCast account when creating a new player theme:

7) Click “Save”

You can then click on “Preview” to have a look at your new player theme.

You’re all set, your new offline message is online!

For more information on how to set up a player theme, click here.

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