Real Time Analytics with your Live Streams (Legacy App)

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With the new Dacast default player, access the analytics of your live streams in real time.

1/ Access to Real Time Analytics

This new feature is available with the following type of Dacast live channels:

  • HTML5
  • Low Latency.

This new feature is available for every plan !

2/ Where to find the real time analytics?

In your back office, under the analytics section, find the new subsection “Real time” as shown below:

real-time analytics

3/ How to use the real time analytics?

First, select the live channel you are streaming on among your list of live channels:

real-time analytics

After a few seconds, you will see the first data coming in.

You will see the following data :

a – Concurrent Viewers Per Time  : Displays the average number of concurrent playback sessions. This gives you the number of total viewers watching your live stream in real time.

b – New Playback Sessions Per TimeDisplays the number of new playback sessions at a specific time. This gives you the number of new viewers starting your live stream in real time.

c – GBytes Per Time : Displays the amount of Gbytes consumed at a specific time. This gives you the amount of your Gbytes consumed in real time.

d – Consumption Per Location : Displays the Data consumption per country. This gives you a global picture of the location of your viewers all over the world in real time.

By default, the real time analytics of your live channel are showing the last 5 minutes of your event and are updated every 5 seconds.

You can change the time period and select up to 2 hours here :

real-time analytics

 If you want to access data for a period of time superior to 2h then please visit your main analytics section. You can access a walkthrough here.

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