Why do I see a “Sorry, this media is offline” message? (Legacy App)

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Are you trying to stream, but continue to see the message “Sorry, this media is offline” on preview?

Live Stream is Offline: Causes & Solutions

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to what might cause this error message. However, here are a list of possible causes for “the media is offline” message:

  • Encoder

First, check your encoder.

‘Streaming to primary’ – If you see this or a similar message (green symbol at the bottom of your OBS window for instance), it means that your encoder is streaming and the problem is elsewhere. If you don’t see this message, you might start again the set up of your stream (tutorial here).

If you are using a Teradek encoder, make sure the firmware is updated.

  • Encoder settings

Next, verify your encoder settings:

Video: H.264

Audio: AAC/Mp3

Keyframe interval: 2s

Profile: Baseline

Stream URL and Stream name : information taken from your DaCast account

: some of the encoders need the stream to be renamed: https://www.dacast.com/support/knowledgebase/Wirecast-Multi-bitrates-Documentation).

If you are using the TriCaster encoder, make sure the stream name has a %i in it. For example: dclive_1_150@XXXXXX becomes dclive_1_%i@XXXXXX

  • Bandwidth

If the encoder is not the issue, verify that you’re not out of the bandwidth (Go to your account and click UPGRADE MY PLAN in the top right corner and check your Remaining bandwidth).

  • StatusCheck to ensure that your channel is set to ON (found under DESCRIPTION).

  • Bitrates

Are you streaming in very high quality? You might check your upload speed first. Note that you need a fast and stable connection that can handle high-quality streaming. We recommend streaming at roughly half of your connection speed (Test here: https://testmy.net/upload).

In any case, consider lowering the bitrates to test if this is indeed the cause of the error message.

  • Ports

To stream successfully, DaCast requires that you leave open ports 80, 443 or 1935. Please check your Firewall.

  • Embeds

Double check that you have embedded the right code into your webpage.
– Right-click on the webpage where the online video is embedded.
– Select “View Page Source”.
– Do a search (Ctrl+F on a PC) for “dacast”.
– Compare the embed code with the one under the publish settings section of the video content you are using in your DaCast account.

If none of these suggestions solve the problem:

– Try to stream with a backup link: Change p to b in your stream url: rtmp://b.epxxxx.i.akamaientrypoint.net/EntryPoint.

– Create a new stream. *If this works, please contact our support team so that we can investigate the original channel).

– As a last resort, go to our chat for further help.

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