How do I stream using ManyCam? (Legacy App)

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This guide will help you stream on a DaCast channel using the ManyCam encoder.

Please follow these steps:

1) If you don’t have this encoder installed already, please download it here:
There is a free version available with limited features.

2) Login to your DaCast account, select the channel you want to stream on and go under the encoder setup section.

3) Under the step 2, please select “other RTMP encoders” and take note of the following information:

  • Stream URL Example: rtmp://
  • Stream Name  Example: dclive_1_xxx@000000
  • Login Example: 210000
  • Password Example: 000111

Please see the screenshot below to help you:

ManyCam encoder

4) Please open ManyCam and click on the Menu Icon as shown below:

ManyCam encoder

5) Please select RTMP as shown below:

ManyCam encoder

6) Once you are in the RTMP section, please click on “+ Add RTMP server” as shown below:

ManyCam encoder

7) Please name your DaCast chanel (in this example we have named it DaCast) and fill out the fields using the information from the encoder setup page from your DaCast account:

  • Enter your Stream URL under SERVER
  • Enter your Stream name under STREAM KEY
  • Please turn ON the control ACCESS REQUIRED 
  • Enter your login under LOGIN
  • Enter your password under PASSWORD

Here is what you should have:
ManyCam encoder

Once you have entered all those information you should be able to click on the CREATE button.
If the CREATE button is not clickable you must have missed an information.

8) Once your channel is created, please click on the BACK button as shown below:

ManyCam encoder

9) Please click on the “STREAM” icon as shown below:

ManyCam encoder

10) Then Please select the channel you have just created as shown below:

ManyCam encoder

You’re now streaming!

ManyCam encoder

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