I am a paywall user, and I am going to be upgraded to the new paywall (Legacy App)

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Will I still be able to use the previous paywall?


Unfortunately not, as the previous paywall will no longer be compatible with the new generation of browsers, mobile devices, and cloud servers coming later this year.


What does the new paywall look like?


What is the impact on my existing viewers and ongoing event or on-demand sales?


The viewer’s ongoing accesses will remain. They will receive an email from noreply@inplayer.com sending them a new password to be used when they log into the new paywall.

If you have existing promo codes, they unfortunately cannot be transferred to the new paywall. But no worries, it won’t affect the viewers who already started to use your promo codes.


Contact support@dacast.com if any viewers didn’t receive their new password.
How to create a promo code


What is the impact on my ongoing subscription sales?


Open accesses subscription will be transferred. However the subscription won’t be automatically renewed. Please notify your viewers that they will have to purchase the subscription access again after the end of the access. Once purchased, there will be an automatic recurring.


Will I need to re embed my monetized contents?


DON’T WORRY! – You won’t need to change any of your embed codes. They will be automatically updated.


Where do I find my new earnings balance details?


Your new balance details can be found under Monetization > Dashboard > Balance Lines.

If you need a history of your previous balance, contact the support, we will provide you with all your transactions made with DaCast previous paywall.

Note that from now on, your balance will be in USD only – even if you are monetizing events in different currencies


When am I going to have access to the new paywall?


The new paywall is available now and will be made standard over the next two weeks.  

If you need to create a new paid event or on-demand video before this time, please contact us by chat or email, and we will immediately set you up on the new paywall.


New Revenue Analytics section


A new revenue section will be available in the analytics dashboard. Access your sales volume and revenue by time, and your sales volume by country.

Check the new Revenue Analytics walkthrough.


End of the old Revenue Analytics section


The old revenue analytics section will disappear, as will the analytics tabs currently available for each content. If you need to access your old revenue analytics data, please download them via csv from your account as soon as possible..


After that date, you will need to contact us to retrieve your data history or wait until we give access to the old data via a downloadable CSV.


For more information about the new paywall, check out the walkthrough tutorial


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