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Using Paywall for Viewer Payment: A Walkthrough

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Are you looking to monetize your live stream channel? Have you wondered what Paywall is and how can you use through your DaCast account?

How to Use Paywall:

When a viewer chooses to watch paid content from DaCast, they first sees a screen prompting them to select a paid option. This screen shows the viewer both the price and corresponding access time, such as $10 for an hour of access. Depending on the setup of your DaCast, your viewer may have access to only one option or many options.

Confirm Purchase: Multiple Quantities

This is an optional step necessary only if the selected product allows the purchase of multiple quantities. If it does, the viewer must then type in a number. For example, a viewer can purchase three hours (at $10 per hour) for a total cost of $30, as pictured below:

This will update their total and they can press SUBMIT to continue.

Confirm Purchase: Promo Code

Another optional step: if the viewer setup their DaCast account with a promo code, they can enter that code now. Some promo codes have limitations and only allow a certain number of uses before they expire. The viewer should will receive confirmation if a promo code is accepted (or not). If that code features a discount, the new price will then appear on the screen.

Enter a Valid Email Address.

To complete the payment process, the viewer must enter a valid email address TWICE. Then they can click SUBMIT.

For returning viewers, the account will request a password after you enter an email address. If the viewer has never made a purchase before, they must first create a password. They can then use this password for all future logins.

Select Payment Method

Now the viewer is ready to make a payment. This is done securely, with full CSS encryption, via a credit card or PayPal account.

For PayPal purchases, clicking CHECKOUT will launch a new window in the viewer’s browser to complete the transaction before returning to the video. Because of this, the viewer must first disable their popup blocker before making a purchase through PayPal.

Payment Complete

Payment is complete. If the viewer wants to view the content immediately, click WATCH NOW. If the viewer wants to watch later or a live event hasn’t started, click WATCH LATER. You can then login when returning to this page to watch.

NOTE: If you purchase access to a future event, you will receive a message that includes the actual date and time of the event, similar to the one below:

In case you’ve already paid and want to access your content again, please click on “Login to continue” below “Already have access” in the paywall. You will asked the email and password you used to make your purchase.
Please see below:

Once you’ve entered your information, please click on the blue button “Login” and you should be able to access your video content.

Further Resources:

If you need support to setup up your payment settings in the new BackOffice, follow this link.

If you need support to set up a promo code, follow this link.

If you need to check your received payments in the new Back Office, follow this link.

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