Walkthrough: Logo and Watermarking with Dacast (Legacy App)

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Company Logo

There are two places to upload a logo to your Dacast account, one is global (company) and one is on a per-channel/file basis.

The global logo can be uploaded, deleted or changed through clicking


Which leads you to this page:


To upload click and browse for a picture file on your computer. Square images are the best, although other sizes can be used. Images can have transparent elements (PNG or GIF).

Live Channel and Video On Demand Logo

On all live channel and video on demand content, there is also the ability to upload a unique logo for that content. This is found under DESCRIPTION for both types of content.

Click UPLOAD  to add a new logo. If a logo is already uploaded, it will display an image. If you have uploaded a logo under COMPANY PROFILE, that will be used as the “default” logo here unless a new one is uploaded.

This logo can be used for watermarks, depending on how the player theme is set up.


Configuring the Watermark


To start using a watermark, you need to first create a player theme. To do this, click  watermarking . This will bring you to an area to create and edit player themes.

Part of this is the option to select a  watermarking . The options are Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left and Bottom Right.

After selecting, two more options will appear. The first is Watermark Size, which is a percentage, and the second is Watermark Type which lets you choose between watermarking

When done, SAVE.

Watermark: Attaching a Player Theme

The final step to attach a Player Theme, and therefore a watermark, is to pick the channel or video and go to watermarking. One of the options is to choose what player theme you want for your content.

If you have a lot of content, you can setup a default theme that’ll be used for newly created channels.


Note: selecting a Default Theme does not change already existing live channels and files.

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