Where can I check my received payments in the new Back Office? (Legacy App)

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Step 1: Log in to your Dacast account at my.dacast.com

Step 2: Click on MONETIZATION icon on the left side of the Back Office

Step 3: Select “Dashboard”

Step 4: Click on the “Balance Lines”

From there, you should see this page:

received payments

A. Description of your balance section

The balance section displays all the operations that were made on your Dacast account during the on-going year.

If you want to access more operations, we invite you to download your CSV after choosing the time period you want (see section C for more details on the CSV).

There are 8 columns represented in the balance section:

Column 1: the type of operations that were made:

  • Viewer purchase (subscription and Pay per view)
  • Payment (payment with the credit in your Dacast account)
  • Viewer refund
  • Broadcaster chargeback (refund or special credit received in your account)

Column 2: When the operation is a viewer purchase, the title of the video file is indicated under the second column

Column 3: Date of the operation (in UTC)

Column 4: When the operation is a viewer purchase, the email of the purchaser is indicated under the fourth column

Column 5:  the currency used for the operations

Column 6: the exact amount that got purchased by the viewer

Column 7: The exact amount credited on your account (the price credited is in USD).

*Please note that on the price you set up for your viewers, Dacast takes a small commission: 9.9% plus $0.40 on each viewer purchase. You can access the price and the number of fees for each viewer purchase in your CSV report.

Column 8: the exact amount that got debited from your account (in case of a payment or a refund).

B. Filters in your balance section

Filter by keyword

You have the ability to filter your operations by keyword. This is particularly useful when you are looking for all the operations related to a specific video file or when you are looking for the purchase of one specific viewer, or even for a specific currency. In that case, you can type a part of the title of the video file or enter the email of the viewer and you should get what you are looking for.

Filter by date 

You have the ability to display the operations of :

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • The last 7 days
  • The last 30 days
  • This month
  • Last month
  • Last 12 months (which is the maximum in the balance section, for older operations you will need to download the CSV, see next section)

Filter by type of operations 

This filter allows you to display only your viewer purchases or only your payments for instance.

C. How to download your CSV

Click on the blue button “EXPORT CSV”. A pop-up window will appear asking you to select the date range for your CSV report. Click on the grey field as if you were going to enter a date and you will see the following:


received payments

You will just have to select the time range you need. The last option gives you the ability to choose a custom time period. Once you have selected the time range, please click on “EXPORT CSV”. Our system will generate the report and the downloading of the CSV report will automatically start. Please note that if you have many operations and you select a large time period, your report might take a few minutes to start downloading.

D. Additional note

The balance on your account (the amount next to “Earnings” that you see in the top bar of your Dacast account) is the net balance on your account since the beginning of your activity with Dacast.

Please note that payment might be declined if we receive refund requests from your viewers. We will work to negotiate this issue first, or have you agree to pay the viewer(s) from your payout if preferred.

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