Why am I getting an “offline”message on a compatible VOD? (Legacy App)

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If you are getting an offline message on what is reported as a compatible video, it most likely means the VOD is turned off. What you will want to do is click on the file in question, and go to offline message. You will then want to check the ON option:
offline message

This will turn the VOD on and you will no longer get this message.

If you plan to use all of your VODs, without monetization, you can always set this to auto “On”, so to speak.

To do this, go to VIDEO PREFERENCES and turn “On” the  offline messageoption.

Please give the video a few minutes, as it can, rarely, take up to 10 minutes before it fully registers the change.

If the video still shows as offline, we recommend going to MULTI-BITRATE and trying to add one of the encoding options. This will ensure that the file is completely compatible, in case a part of the dedication was off.

If all of this was done and the video is still offline, please reach out to a support representative in the chat in the lower left and mention to them the video so it can be examined by our team.

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