Alessandro (anonymous)

Hi there,
I’m Alessandro and i work for an italian soccer event’s organization that already do live streaming of soccer matches.
I own this part of the company and i would do some changes.
I explain our situation:
– we have a cameraman on a soccer field
– we have a “studio” in an other place of Milan with commentators

Until now, the cameraman used a broadcaster (livestream’s product) connected to internet and to the videocamera, placed on the soccer field.
And me, from the LIVESTREAM studio, received the signal and stream it with graphics, comment etc. connected to an other seprated internet connection.

Sorry for my not very well english and for my eventually complicated question!

I would find a way to stream keeping my studio in a different place from where the cameraman is, maybe using an RTMP link.

Matches are of 50-70 minutes each, with 1-2 games at week for a total of max 8 games at month (in full months).

Now, explained my actual configuration, what kind of solutions do you suggest me?

I don’t know if the “Starter” pricing is enough for my situation.

Thank you very much!

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