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This will guide you through the managing of your partner account and sub-accounts.

1. Login to http://www.dacast.com/
You should be redirected to your manager platform as shown below:

This window should stay opened as it will be your reference for managing your subaccounts.

2. Please open a new incognito window (if you are using Chrome) or a window in a different browser and login to https://my.dacast.com (this is another way to log in without being redirected to your manager platform).

3. Log in to your DaCast account. Here is what you should see:

This is actually your partner account manager navigator in the new back office, you will need to do an additional step to get to the sub-account you want to manage.

To access your sub-accounts’ platform, please see below the best option.

It consists in using the search bar you can find in the orange top bar, next to the DaCast logo, as shown below:

4. Please enter the ID of the sub-account you want to manage in the search bar framed in red in the screenshot above.
For instance: 17462

If you do not remember the BID of the account, you can go back to the window you left opened that displays your manager platform and take note of the digit numbers.

5. Click on the SWITCH button. The sub-account should open itself automatically in an new window as shown below:

6. To verify that you are logged in your sub account’s platform:

  • Check the color of the top bar: if it is red it means you are managing another account that is not your primary account
  • Check the ID number in the search bar: it should be the ID number of the sub-account you entered in your primary account

You can manage anything you want in your sub-account from setting up a new live channel to modifying the video preferences.

7. You can logged in several sub accounts at the same time. To do so, please go back to the window that you left opened which displays your manager platform.

Take note of the ID of other sub-account you want to manage. DO NOT click on the ID of this account. 

In your partner account, enter the ID in the search bar as you did in step 4 and hit the SWITCH button. A new window will open itself displaying the sub-account’s platform you asked for.

8. When you are done with a sub account, you can simply click on the QUIT button and the window will be automatically closed.
To verify if you are back on your partner account:

  • Check the color of the top bar: it should be orange
  • Check the search bar for switching account: it should be written “Switch user with a BID”

Please note that if you get an error message “Impossible to load your content” you just have to refresh the page and everything should be fine.

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