Video Streaming Service Partners

DaCast works with a variety of video streaming service partners. This includes Akamai CDN to deliver the best video hosting and live streaming platform. Huge event streaming is also possible thanks to massive server presence. Encoding partnerships also enable complete video hosting capabilities.




Akamai – DaCast is a NetAlliance partner with Akamai. It is often regarded as one of the best CDNs (Content Delievery Networks) available. They power Facebook and many other services. Through this partnership they offer incredibly reliable streaming to DaCast and its broadcasters. Akamai is used for “All Device”/HTML5 streaming along with video on demand and playlist playback.


Telestream – Telestream creates the powerful and popular software based Wirecast encoder. The encoder allows for multiple camera switching, diverse source use and also IP camera inputs at the Pro level. Through a partnership with Telestream, DaCast is integrated inside the encoder, allowing for quick login to begin broadcasting through the software.


vMix – vMix has developed a wide suite of encoders and other products aimed at improving and complimenting the broadcasting experience. At the software level, they have several offerings for their encoder, including a 4K capable version that can output content in super high definition. Through a partnership with vMix, DaCast is integrated inside version 16 and higher of the encoder, making it easy to login and begin broadcasting from directly inside the software.


EasyLive – EasyLive is a powerful platform that adds overlay features to video streams. Features include custom messages, Twitter feeds, custom images and more. The system allows for precise placement of images and for live social elements. Through an integration with DaCast, the cloud based platform can be setup to easily transmit content directly to your DaCast account through logging into the EasyLive platform.


About DaCast Services and its Partners

DaCast is a fully integrated streaming platform. Utilizing its partnerships, DaCast offers broadcasters a complete package right after sign up. This includes deals with content delivery networks or CDNs. These CDNs allow for stream transcoding. The live streams can be converted to a HTML5 or HLS format. This enables mobile delivery. Worldwide streaming is also possible thanks to multiple points of presence. These points of presence are servers located throughout the globe.

The system has a wide range of additional, built in features as well. This includes a paywall with Pay Per View and subscription monetization. This paywall is built into the player. Transactions are handled through a combination of working with Stripe and PayPal. These offer viewers a process to purchase and also the include broadcaster merchant account.

On top of live streaming services, DaCast also specializes in providing a platform for video on demand. The system supports MP4 files encoded with H.264 video and AAC audio. Files in different formats are transcoding through our partnerships. This allows virtually any video or audio file to be usable over the service.