[WEBINAR]: Live Streaming Best Practices by Videon featuring DaCast

Posted by Elise Furon >

Here at DaCast, we want to offer you the smoothest possible broadcasting experience.
That is the reason behind the DaCast API integration into Videon Empire HD and Greylock HD streaming media hardware encoders.
Thanks to the API integration, it is possible to connect a DaCast account to a hardware Empire HD or Greylock simply by copy pasting their API key with no authentication needed.

To go further, Videon is going to share useful tips to help you better reach your audience, featuring our DaCast Video Streaming and Hosting Platform.

Topics covered:

  • Benefits of Live Streaming
  • What should be your equipment
  • How to configure your live stream

This webinar was held on Tuesday October 18th.

If you missed it, you can still watch it below and learn about best practices for live streaming!