Making the Video Paywall Work

Making the Video Paywall Work

Interested in making the video paywall work for your video strategy? This white paper details best practices and industry research to become successful. It focuses on doing this with monetization through subscriptions and pay per view video.

The white paper focuses on the streaming environment today. It gives best practices for how to successfully monetize long tail video through paywall implementation. It includes a detailed look at consumer expectations with online video. The white paper also contrasts video advertisements against pay per view and subscription models.

Making the Video Paywall WorkThe document includes extensive industry research as well. The research demonstrates first that the video streaming market is growing. More people are consuming video content. Right now, Internet penetration has slowed. However, increased connection speeds have in part made video a more popular choice.

The publication also highlights video advertising in contrast with other methods of video revenue generation. This includes Pay Per View and subscription methods.  These models use a paywall to collect money, hence the name of the white paper.

The paper covers when one method is preferable over another. It gives examples and demonstrations for how much revenue can be generated with each model.

All video streaming can be applied to these principals. The white paper focuses on long tail video, long form video content. However, live streaming and short form content, if interesting enough, can also follow these basics to become more successful.