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Subscribing to a monthly plan is a quick, automated process and every sign up includes 10GB of free bandwidth.

Compare to find the best pricing option for your broadcasting needs with a monthly plan.

Pay as you go plan requires a 1TB minimum purchase. You might save with the Starter plan.

Earning Estimates based on Consumption

This demonstrates how you can make money streaming using a paywall.

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Net revenue subtracts your gross revenue from DaCast’s commission. Profit subtracts your streaming cost from above for a final figure.


Streaming Pricing Plan Questions & Answers

Does bandwidth roll over on monthly plans?
Yes. All extra bandwidth not used to stream video or audio will roll over to the next month. This bandwidth will continue to roll over until used or until the monthly plan is canceled.
Are there any startup fees?
There are no startup fees when using any of the pricing plans at DaCast.
How do storage fees work?
DaCast offers a generous amount of storage for all accounts. If you go over the amount for the Starter, Pro or Pay as you go options then the listed extra storage cost, on a per GB basis, will be charged every month.
How are viewer hours calculated?
Viewer hours assuming streaming at 750kbps as the overall video-audio quality.
What happens to bandwidth purchased as “pay as you go” if you switch to monthly?
This bandwidth will stay on your account. If you should ever go over your monthly limit of GB provided by your monthly plan, it will draw from your previously purchased bandwidth first before charging you for additional GBs.
If I sign up for a monthly fee, how long am I locked into that plan?
The Starter plan requires a three month minimum. The Plus and Pro plans can be canceled at any time.
Are there additional fees for using both live and on demand?
No, broadcasters can use live and on demand content and are not limited to the number of channels they create with either content. Features are not locked off from a particular account either, such as Playlists.
Does my bandwidth expire?
Yes, all bandwidth expires 12 months after you first got it. So pay as you go bandwidth expires a year after its original purchase. This also works for monthly plans. For example, if you signed up for a monthly plan in January, the first month of bandwidth would expire in 12 months, while your second month of bandwidth would expire in 12 months after you got it (so February of the next year).
What is overage protection and how does it work?
Overage protection is there in the event that you go over your monthly allotment of bandwidth and don’t have any rollover bandwidth remaining. In this instance, your overage protection will kick in and the selected payment method, such as a credit card, will be drawn from for the specific amount automatically. This can be set from 50GB up to 5TB. The cost is based on the “extra bandwidth” charge for your particular account, and bandwidth purchased remains on your monthly plan and will rollover if unused.
Please note that this is an added feature and can be disabled by selecting “No thanks” as your overage protection level. However, in the event that your streams run out of bandwidth, this will result in your channels being shut off for the rest of the month.