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New May 2024

Animated Thumbnails

Make your content more fun and playful by using an animated thumbnail. A GIF will be displayed, instead of the traditional image thumbnail, and viewers will get a glimpse of your video.

Categories: Video On Demand
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New Apr 2024

New Expo

Personalize your expo with new options available. You can now create sections, get a detailed page for each content, and more CSS options such as different layouts, fonts, social media links, and a lot more.

Categories: Platform & Analytics
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New Feb 2024

Dark Mode

You are now able to switch your account theme to dark mode. It offers both practical benefits, such as reduced eye strain and improved battery life, as well as aesthetic appeal, making it a popular feature.

Categories: Account & Security
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New Jan 2024

Onboarding Tutorials

Explore a particular feature of Dacast in greater detail. Within the newly added "Getting Started" section, you'll discover onboarding flows designed to walk you through each key Dacast feature, providing step-by-step guidance.

Categories: Platform & Analytics
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New Dec 2023

New Uploader Improvement

Optimize your upload process! Personalize renditions for adaptive streaming and estimate storage with the 'Get an estimation' option. Simplify VOD creation allowing seamless folder selection and upload management.

Categories: Video On Demand
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New Oct 2023

Authenticate Only

Allows you to gate content only with a data wall (no payment). This is very popular with brands wanting to move audiences from social platforms to their own and operated. You can also offer a first content for free as an enticer for your viewers.

Categories: Monetization
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