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Everything you need to know about the product and billing

Dacast does not provide customer support for the viewers, but only to its customers. If you are interested in live customer support for your viewers, this may be possible at an extra cost via our professional services.

As our main payment sources, Dacast supports both credit cards (all major credit cards accepted) and PayPal. If you wish to purchase an event plan or an annual plan you can also pay by check or wire transfer. For wire transfer information please contact one of our sales representatives.

There is no viewer limit for videos on regular Dacast accounts. We have facilitated broadcasts with hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers. Dacast uses a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) that allows users to stream to vast audiences without the concern of hitting a limit that would overwork a smaller server network. This top tier CDN is available on all plans. If you plan on streaming to large numbers of viewers, please make sure you purchase the appropriate amount of bandwidth. Any questions or you want to access this feature? Please contact us.

Our documentation is automatically updated each time we improve our API. You can test each API call directly in the documentation. To do so, please follow our guide here.

If you haven’t signed up for a Dacast account and are seeing this on your credit card statement, chances are you bought access to a stream/video recently from one of our live streaming customers or partners. So either you did a Pay-Per-View for an event or signed up for a subscription. Try to line up when you purchased and if you watched anything that day for which required payment.

There are no live channels limits in your Dacast account. However, by default, you cannot create more than 20 live channels in your Dacast account without contacting us. If you need more than 20 live channels in your account, please contact us and we will make it happen.

Set up Playback Protection, which is essentially overage protection. In this scenario, you put a credit card on file that is authorized to refill your bank of Bandwidth if you go over your monthly bandwidth or Event Plan bandwidth. You can check out our Playback Protection Walkthrough for more details. An alternative option is just letting the bandwidth run out. This will cause your streams to shut off when you burn through the bandwidth on your account, but you will not suffer any additional consequences.

Dacast provides two embed code options for live streaming: JS and iframe. Both of these work for playback on your website or app via desktop and mobile devices as long as the content itself supports it. The JS embed code is the default embed code for Dacast, and it supports the most features. This includes being responsive if the elements are designed inside is a different size and working with the referrer restriction feature. To embed it in a WordPress website for instance, just copy and paste it in your article. This must be done in the text mode. The iframe embed code is the most universally compatible embed code. The caveat is that some features do not work with it.

For all your video monetization efforts, Dacast will give you back your video paywall revenue in USD.

This depends on your plan level. Please log in to your Dacast account and click DASHBOARD and the top center box shows how much included storage you have.

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