Online Video Platform

Take Your Online Video Delivery to the Next Level.

Set up as many pay-per-view streaming prices as you want on your video content. Control rates, promo codes and viewing windows. Power your business with live streaming and on-demand video. Easily upload, monetize, and share. Build professional workflows with video transcoding, live stream recording, and an all-device video player.

Scalable Platform for OTT

Professional content delivery.

Deliver your video in pristine quality with the Dacast online video platform and the largest, top-tier CDNs in the world. Take your OTT operation to the next level with delivery to all devices. Explore OTT

White-Label Online Video Platform

Customized branding and appearance.

Put your brand front and center with our white-label online video platform. Customize the video player with your logo and colors. Learn More

Online Video Hosting

Powerful Content Management System.

Use Dacast’s secure video hosting capabilities to live stream unlimited channels of video content on your own web page. With private video hosting, you’re in control of your content. I'm Interested

Secure Video Monetization Platform

Boost your revenue and maintain content control.

Protect your content with robust security features. Decide who can watch your videos, and who can’t. Explore Paywall

API-based OVP

Easily build new applications and platforms.

Access every feature programmatically and integrate it into your own digital media workflow with Dacast’s online video platform APIs. Or, build your own OTT platform or mobile apps from scratch using our APIs and SDKs. Get the Details

Video Privacy and Security

Protect Your Content.

Security is a priority when it comes to professional broadcasting. In addition to Dacast’s gold-standard cybersecurity features, use privacy tools to control who can and cannot view your content. Get Started

Best Pricing

Feature-rich and cost-competitive.

Dacast is the only video platform offering high-performance live streaming and video hosting features at the best prices on the market. Explore Pricing

Video Streaming Made Easy

Robust Broadcasting Features


Video Analytics

Track and measure viewer behavior with our rich analytics dashboard. Easily view and export your data to gain insights into your audience.

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Live Stream Recording

Automatically record all your live streams, and save them as VOD files.

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Multi-User Access

Invite users to your business video platform to collaborate and improve workflows.

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“The support that Dacast offers is particularly good compared to other streaming providers, making them a clear choice for my business.”

- Lindsay George, CEO at ComeSee TV

24/7 Technical Support

The reliable help you need, when you need it

Our customer service team is here 24/7 to help you make the most of your streaming solution. Plus access a comprehensive knowledge base and dynamic online community of professionals.


Most Popular Features

Mobile Streaming

Stream live to phones

Our HTML5 video player ensures compatibility with modern devices and browsers. No configuration is required, whether on a smartphone or a smart TV.

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White-label Platform

Your logo, your brand

Customize our video player with your logo and colors to put your brand front and center. The look and feel of your content are completely up to you.

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Broadcast in full HD quality

Deliver pristine, quality video with multi-bitrate technology in full HD 1080p resolution to ensure that every viewer has an optimal experience.

Stream in HD

Embed Videos

Share video content

Use embed codes to easily share a video or live stream on any web page. Or, share videos with others via social media.

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Video Transcoding

Deliver your video

Use our transcoding services to offer your viewers the video quality they need according to their devices.

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Secure Video Upload

Handle your video library

Bulk upload your video and add the layer of security your want. Access more video uploading and security tools via our advanced video hosting platform.

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Best Streaming Pricing

Feature-rich and cost-competitive

Dacast is the only video platform offering high-performance live streaming and video hosting features at the best prices on the market.

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6 Reasons to Choose Dacast

Live Streaming and Video Hosting Platform

Monetization On All Plans

Monetization On All Plans

Monetize your video content with secure, easy-to-use features. Facilitate global payments, control rates, and promos using a built-in paywall.
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Top-Tier Content Delivery Networks

Top-Tier CDNs

Leverage top-tier CDNs with distributed server networks. The global nature of these servers ensures scalable and high-quality live streaming.
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Video On Demand Platform

Video On Demand Platform

Host, manage and monetize your live and on-demand content, scaling your VOD business through a secure, streaming platform.
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Universal HTML5 Video Streaming

Universal HTML5 Streaming

Stream video through a customizable video player, utilize white-label solutions and embed features to eliminate external distractions across all devices.
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Over-the-Top Live Streaming

Over-the-Top Live Streaming

Broadcast live or on-demand content through Dacast to your own OTT apps across all devices. Distribute and monetize streaming video anytime and anywhere.
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24/7 Tech Support and Knowledgebase

24/7 Tech Support and Help

Contact us 24/7 via live chat or access all the video tutorials and written guides, and explore all features of the video hosting platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with streaming live?

Getting started with live streaming on Dacast is simple. Start by creating an account then create a live channel Then set preferences such as encoding, embedding, and monetizations and start streaming.

Can I place a live stream in a playlist?

Rather than adding your live stream to a playlist, you can add it to a package. Navigate to the “Setup” tab, and drag and drop your stream to the package of your choice.

How do I create an HTML5 live channel?

Click “Create” in your Dacast portal. A pop-up window will appear, and you’ll be prompted to add a title and channel type. Choose “HTML5 for all devices.”

Can I stream ad-free with Dacast?

You can stream ad-free with every Dacast plan. However, broadcasters have the option to monetize their content with advertisements if they wish to do so.

How do I create an M3U8 media link?

You can create an M3U8 media link in a few steps. To begin, select “Create” in the “Live Channels” section and select “M3U8” as your channel type.

Do you support multi-bitrate streaming live?

Yes, Dacast supports multi-bitrate streaming. The Dacast player automatically detects the different bitrates of your live stream and allows the viewer to choose between them.