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DaCast provides a robust and flexible OVP compatible with all of your business needs. It comes in a structured, scalable environment easy for professional broadcasters and enterprises to use.

Our SaaS based video platform makes it possible to create secure live streams and video on-demand in the cloud with integrated professional tools such as video transcoding, automatic archiving of live streams, and a native HTML5 player.

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API based Online Video Platform

Robust Video APIs

We offer video APIs specifically designed to facilitate quick and easy integration of our technology into a wide variety of cloud video applications, services, and digital media workflows.

DaCast’s video content management API is RESTful and comes with a set of code samples that make developing with it fast and simple. Use our Javascript Player API to customize every aspect of the player or to insert your ads server.

OTT video services

Take your content Over-The-Top

Using tools provided by our Online Video Platform, you can offer OTT video services compatible with iOS, Android and Roku TV.

Our APIs and SDKs allow you to build responsive, fully featured online or app-based video portals.Integrate with existing workflows, simplify licensing with content security, and supercharge monetization with integrated payment processing. DaCast makes it easy to take your video content OTT and deliver it to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Auto Archiving

Record Live Streams

Automatically record live streams and save them as video files directly on our OVP. Deliver your content as video-on-demand (VOD) immediately to increase viewership, or download and edit before publishing.


Track and Measure Viewer Behavior

We offer a video analytics dashboard providing exportable usage and user engagement data to provide deeper insight into your viewer numbers, average watch time, etc.. You can also integrate with your Google Analytics account to view even more data in one place and in real time.

HTML5/Flash Video Player

Play Your Video Content Everywhere

All DaCast live videos and VOD can be viewed on any desktop or device running HTML5 or Flash. All that’s needed is a single embed code. Our Online Video Platform offers a native HTML5 player with Flash fallback that is compatible with 99.9% of internet browsers.

Video Transcoding Service

Cloud Video Transcoding Available

Video transcoding services are available on our OVP. Once a video is uploaded onto the platform, it can be automatically be transcoded to the optimal settings for reaching all devices and browsers.

Professional Services

A New Way to Grow Your Business

Use DaCast’s professional services to re-brand our OVP and customize it so you can resell our streaming services, to integrate it with your existing digital media systems and workflow, or to create your own event websites. We can even help you develop your own unique custom online video platform based on the DaCast APIs.

Video Ads

Third Party Ads Integration

Pre-roll ads video can be attached to content to generate revenue based on the number of viewers. A wide variety of ad servers and ad networks can be used directly with your DaCast player. Simply use your server or ad network account credentials and set this up in your DaCast account.

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Secure Platform for Monetization

Monetization is available for all accounts including the free trial

Enjoy an integrated payment system to handle viewer transactions from Pay-Per-View and subscriptions quickly. Set up to 3 different prices per video stream with specific rates, presale windows, and viewing windows directly from our OVP. Support for USD and EUR currencies are available through credit card or PayPal transactions. All data collected by the paywall system is SSL encrypted to ensure viewer security.


Commission for PPV or subscription is 9.9% plus $0.40 for USD transactions or €0.40 for EUR transactions on each viewer purchase made. This covers merchant account fees that include credit card charges, Pay Pal, and bank transfers.

A Video Platform for Businesses
that Suits All Your Needs

With DaCast, enjoy a self-service streaming solution that also provides 24/7 customer support and professional services. Whether you are a TV channel, a school, a government, a sport league or a house of worship, our provided services are suitable for all your business needs.