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DaCast uses a powerful split player approach to deliver live and on demand video to the widest audience possible. Using HTML5 technology, broadcasters can reach viewers from desktops or mobiles
devices. No need to worry about compatibility and all from the same embed code. This offers broadcast software level utility from the cloud without extra setup.

  • No contract
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  • No need to prove audience size
  • No geographic restrictions
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Reach your audience on all devices

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Viewable on desktops, mobile phones, tablets and more

Compatible services and devices

HTML5 broadcasting

Any desktop or device that can run HTML5 can be used to view a DaCast live video or on demand stream. All from a single embed code, no need to make a mobile specific page. The native HTML5 player with flash fallback from DaCast is compatible with 99.9% of internet browsers. This includes most mobile browsers on devices such as iPads and Android phones. No need to install apps or special plugins to view. Below is a list of some of the more common browsers supported:

Internet Explorer • Google Chrome • Firefox • Safari • Opera • Skyfire • NetFront • SeaMonkey • Maxthon • Camino • Wii U Browser

Customizable Player Skin

Brand and theme your player

The DaCast player is a fully customizable media hub, letting the broadcaster alter the color and feel. This utility is built into the do it yourself platform and done through a simplified color wheel.
Changes apply to both the HTML5 and Flash version of the player. The size of the player can also be changed by altering the embed code before placing it on a website.

Geographic Restrictions

Control where you broadcast

Broadcasters have optional viewer restrictions. This includes the ability to restrict access based on regions. For example, content can be accessed only from a specific country. This control gives broadcasters the ability to work within geographic licenses or rights agreements. Viewers from disallowed countries are blocked from viewing by the player.

Accessibility Controls

Safe guard your video content

Full control for website distribution and accessibility is built into the platform and player. This permits broadcasters to restrict where embedded videos can be viewed. Limiting audiences to pre-approved websites. This feature is available over the JS embed code and is not available for Facebook streaming.

White Label Service

White Label Service

Brand the player as your own

The DaCast HTML5 and Flash player is a non-intrusive media solution. When no activity is detected, the controls are hidden to give just the view of the video. Beyond the customizable look, DaCast is also not mentioned inside the regular video utility. This allows broadcasters to build their own brand and feel secure in using the service on their own websites.

RTMP Encoder Support

Broadcast software and hardware supported

DaCast supports all RTMP based encoders for live streaming. Publish content through Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast and other software based encoders. These streams are then transcoded and delivered in a cross format through the video player for mobile playback.

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Integrated Pay Per View

Monetize from inside the player

A video paywall can be integrated into the player. This offers a complete checkout solution for Pay Per View and subscription content. Monetize your live stream and on demand video and let viewers purchase without even leaving the player. Purchases can be done from any major credit card or PayPal. Subscription viewers will be given a login prompt built into the player after their first payment to access at later dates.

Use Alternate Video Players

Embed shortcut modules for other players

Using modules, a broadcaster can choose an off the shelf provider like JW Player or Flowplayer to stream their content. Using a custom player is also easy through a system to generate a token that will allow full integration. Please note that currently, the player APIs do not work with monetized video content.